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A Joint Group Hiking of Mt. Kilimanjaro

A Joint Group Hiking of Mt. Kilimanjaro : Mount Kilimanjaro is the tallest mountain in Africa and the second mountain in the world. It is the true definition and identity of the beautifulness of Tanzania, east Africa and Africa at large. Mount Kilimanjaro is located on Moshi district in Kilimanjaro region. It is a very popular natural creation holding the strong, quiet and impressive profile. Many visitors who tries to visit Tanzania usually are hiking Mountain Kilimanjaro.

Kilimanjaro national park is also the volcanic mountain, being dormant with its three volcanic cones of Kibo, Mawenzi and Shira. It is also one among the seven summits of the world and the highest world’s freestanding mountain.

Many people have been trying to climb this mountain despite the fact that climbing the mountain is risky and tiresome physically. Climbing to the peak is something that most people are proud of and it is the only mountain that people dare to hike it at any given costs.

Group hiking in Mount Kilimanjaro is very simple since the routes for hiking are clear and well known. Different people who are trying trekking and hiking Mount Kilimanjaro may easily have an access to various trekking trails that are highly categorized for the major purpose of making hiking an easy and simplified process.

Specifically, there are so many trekking routes that are categorized for making hiking simpler but there are some more identified routes that have got full and formal approval for hiking the tallest mountain so that hikers can be able to reach the peak of uhuru simpler. It is said that there are almost about six major routes that will take a group to the peak. These routes includes the following; the first route is the Lemosho route. This is said to be the 70 kilometers route that is passing through Londorossi Gate. This is among the best and easier route for hikers and trekkers. This is because this route have registered the most and easiest successful route to the peak of Uhuru.

The group of trekkers and hikers can also use another trail known as Umbwe route. This route is considered one of the hardest trail used to trek and hike to the Uhuru peak. This is said to be the hardest route and it records few successes for trekkers and hikers because of its short acclimatization time.

A Joint Group Hiking of Mt. Kilimanjaro
Hiking Mt. Kilimanjaro

There is also another route that can be used by the group known as the Shira trail. This route approaches to the peak of the mountain from the west side which is close to another trail known as Lemosho route. This route is mostly used by the trekkers for its ability to take hikers to the peak because it was replaced by the simpler route of Lemosho.

Also, the hikers may be decide to use another route commonly known as the Rongai trail. This is also one of the trails for climbing to the peak of Mount Kilimanjaro and it is said to be one among the hardest routes. It is also said to be the hardest trail to hike because of short time of acclimatization.

The east African group of hikers can also decide to use another route known as the Marangu trail. This is best and commonly known as the coca cola route. This is the oldest trail to be used in hiking and trekking Kilimanjaro Mountain. This is said to be one among the cheap routes and only option for the hikers. The Marangu route is also said to have hostels and dormitories that consists the huts for sleeping and resting for the trekkers and hikers, A Joint Group Hiking of Mt. Kilimanjaro

The last among the major six trails is the route of Machame. This route is certainly tiresome because it is the longest trail in hiking the mountain. Despite the fact that it is the longest route, it is considered one of the better routes for hiking and trekking for the group of tourists. This is because it is said to have the better time for acclimatization. The Machame route is sometimes called the whiskey route.

The group of hikers always feels comfortable when climbing to the pick of the mountain and they need some preparations physically and mentally mostly by doing some drills for hiking.

The hikers need to do some prior preparations before deciding to trek the mountain in order to avoid failure in hiking the mountain. This is because it is different from other hiking safaris where the hikers need to have some lodges on their way to hiking the mountains. In hiking Kilimanjaro mountain, does not allow hikers to spend their night in lodges. So, the hikers need to have some preparations such as the camping gears.

The group of hikers also enjoys a joyful moment since it is one of the national parks that harbors a number of several species of wildlife around the place and usually makes their tour to be the historical and remarkable safari.

There are some things that can accompany the hikers in trekking mountain Kilimanjaro. Such hikers are like synthetic coat, waterproof pants, soft jackets, hiking pants, long and short – sleeved shirts, sports bra and heavy underwear. The group need to encourage each other to make some prior preparation in order to have joyful and awesome safari, A Joint Group Hiking of Mt. Kilimanjaro.

Also, there are some essential and important headgears for hiking such as the knitted hut, brimmed hat for warmth among others. Other important tools and equipment includes boots, waterproof gloves, light towel, waterproof backpacks, woolen socks, sunglasses, gym gloves and the sleeping bags.

In the process of easing their safari, the group of hikers may help each other or hire part time porters in order to help them in carrying their luggage. The potters are experienced in hiking the mountain since they have hiked it several times and they may help new trekkers to hike the mountain. Due to their experiences, they find it easier and simpler for them to carry hikers’ luggage.

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