Hiking in Tanzania

Additional Activities to Include In Your 2023 Tanzania Bucket List

Additional Activities to Include In Your 2023 Tanzania Bucket List : Aside from going on a game drive, other top things to do in Tanzania include: Tanzania is one of the best safari parks in Africa, with many things to see and do, but it’s most famous for its game drives. Tanzania has several wonderful national parks, making game drives more popular in the country than other activities. However, there are many other things you can do in Tanzania besides go on game drives for an amazing wildlife safari experience. Tanzania is an amazing country that is home to some of Africa’s most well-known national parks and natural features, including the magnificent Mount Kilimanjaro.

The most popular activities in Tanzania and the major reasons people visit there are safaris and other wildlife-related activities, as well as the lovely beaches of Zanzibar, which appeal to anyone wishing to spend some time lazing in the sun. You may research your options and choose the best places to visit on your 2023 Tanzania safari tour with this list of the country’s top additional attractions and best things to do.

Are you seeking the top Tanzania activities for your 2023 safari trip that aren’t just a regular game drive? Tanzania is an extremely diversified nation that will wow you with the range of cultures, landscapes, and wildlife it has to offer. There are a ton of activities and adventures waiting for you. Undoubtedly, a safari is a must-do when traveling to Tanzania, but there are a lot of other activities you can do to learn more about the nation and its culture. Your 2023 Tanzania travel wish list should contain the following additional top and most interesting Tanzania activities:

Balloon Safari

Add a morning hot air balloon flight to your safari to experience a bird’s-eye view of the Serengeti National Park. A true once-in-a-lifetime experience, flying over the trees as the sun rises over the horizon gives you a unique vantage point over the boundless Serengeti grasslands. Every hot air balloon journey is different because it depends on the wind. If you’re lucky, you might be able to see the Great wildebeest Migration from above, though the herd is movable and might only be in one place for a short while.

Maasai Village

The Maasai, arguably the most well-known of the tribes, were mostly renowned as shepherds and warriors. The best way to understand Maasai culture is to visit one of their villages. You may anticipate being welcomed in the Maasai village in the traditional way, with lots of singing and dancing, in which participation is highly encouraged! And after spending a day in their hamlet, you’ll have had a firsthand look at their way of life and learned a lot about how life was and is in some of the most distant places today.

Kilimanjaro Daytrip

Additional Activities to Include In Your 2023 Tanzania Bucket List
Mount Kilimanjaro

With the help of this one-day excursion, you may discover the surroundings of Mount Kilimanjaro, one of the most recognizable mountains in the world. It begins with a lovely stroll to the waterfalls in Materuni, the settlement at the base of the volcano. It includes a visit to a coffee farm where you can sample organic coffee as well as viewing the Giant Kilimanjaro.

Evening game drive

By exploring the realm of Africa’s nocturnal predators on a spectacular night drive, you may elevate your safari experience. When the sky is clear and the moon is mirrored in the lake, for example, night drives in Lake Manyara National Park are amazing solely for the beauty. There are numerous elusive species that are difficult to spot during the day but are very active at night.

Ngorongoro Crater Walk

Ngorongoro Crater, the biggest unbroken crater in the world, is teeming with animals. Away from the crowds, you may see wildlife, extinct volcanoes, and various scenery on this solitary walking safari. The scenery and vistas are really stunning. You may even run into nearby Masaai with livestock as you go along an animal track.

Hiking in Tanzania

The highest peak in Africa and a distinct feature of any journey to Tanzania is Kilimanjaro. When climbing Kilimanjaro, hikers pass through a variety of vegetation types, and there are snow-covered permanent glaciers at the top. Different ascent routes with varying degrees of difficulty exist. The majority of treks, however, take five to seven days. The Marangu path is the simplest ascent. The most convenient path is also the busiest, and you will encounter many other travelers there. Booking a hike with a guide is advised (we recommend booking early before you go).

But there are also other peaks for hiking and trekking, like:

  • Mount Meru
  • The Ngorongoro Crater Highlands
  • The Usambara Mountains
  • The Ol Doinyo Lengai Volcano

Spice tour for gourmets

On Zanzibar, common spices like cloves are grown. You can go on a spice tour on the island to learn more about their cultivation, production, and use, as well as to see the islanders at work, Additional Activities to Include In Your 2023 Tanzania Bucket List

Coffee farm tours

Did you know that Tanzania is where the Arabica coffee that you presumably drink at home originates? You can travel to the locations that are well known for their excellent coffee in the Kilimanjaro region. You can tour the coffee plantation with the local coffee growers, who can explain each stage from planting through harvesting, roasting, and brewing. Learn how to plant and maintain coffee plant seedlings, harvest ripe coffee beans, and taste delicious coffee right away.

Conclusion: The best activities in Tanzania

Are you eager to visit the nation on your own and get a firsthand look at its distinct culture and gorgeous natural surroundings? Then have a closer look at our Tanzania adventure. You can have many of the adventures mentioned above and gain real insights into the people’s traditional culture and way of life here.

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