5 Days Safari hike in Kilimanjaro (Marangu Route)

Altitude of Mount Kilimanjaro

Altitude of Mount Kilimanjaro

Altitude of Mount Kilimanjaro: Being the tallest mountain in Africa it will definitely have difference altitude zone and in this case they are three.

The altitude between 2500-3500metre is the first stage or zone you will meet. You will have about 2-3 days in this area. The chances of you having altitude sickness in this area are slim and you have nothing to worry about.

Altitude of Mount Kilimanjaro

After the above, we shall meet the 3500- 5500 meters. You will also spend about 2-3 days in this zone too. One of the days is to be used to get used to the high altitude. Adaption to high altitude is not a simple thing and therefore takes it seriously. Most people experience some degree of altitude sickness in this zone.

The last and most extreme level which is above 5500 meters. Here ours in this zone you will be approaching the summit. You will have just a few here. Many people trekking Kilimanjaro experience mild to moderate AMS in this zone, but begin their descent before conditions escalate.

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