Best Time to Visit Kilimanjaro

Best Time to Visit Kilimanjaro (When to go)

Best Time to Visit Kilimanjaro When to go

Best Time to Visit Kilimanjaro (When to go) :The Kilimanjaro Mountain is located around the equator. Here there is no winter, summer and the like but wet and dry seasons. This leaves the best times to hike the mountain as the dry season because they are the warm times of the year.  This choice comes with issues of safety, as the risks in climbing this mountain are high when the weather is messy. The effects of rain, mud, snow, ice and cold can also be very dangerous on the body. On the other hand the chances of completing the hike during the rainy season are also slim. It is also important to know that the mountain can be more crowded during the drier months.

That said, it is very possible to hike the Kilimanjaro any time of the year however like we said its better when there are less showers. Even in the rainy months, it does not mean it rains daily because it can even rain in the dry months since this is an equatorial region. The dry months are December to March and late June through to September. This can be considered the best months to climb in terms of the factor of weather but these are also the buzziest moths in terms of traffic.

Best Time to Visit Kilimanjaro When to go

January to march is the best amongst the warm months because of the clear sky and views. During this time, there are brief showers that lighten up the sky. There are long showers from late march to Early June and this is the worst time to hike and not recommended at all unless you have experience and have trekked in these conditions before.

Late March to Early June are wet months due to heavy showers but the crowds are gone and have the mountain to just a few of you. June to Early October is also dry months although a bit cooler with afternoon showers in most cases but skies are clear in most cases.

This being an equatorial region, the rains are mostly unpredictable and it most cases the weather is left to you luck. It is possible to experience mostly dry weather conditions during the rainy season, just as it is possible to have heavy rain during the dry season.

Best Time to Visit Kilimanjaro When to go

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