Can an unfit person hike Kilimanjaro

Can an unfit person hike Kilimanjaro

Can an unfit person hike Kilimanjaro

Can an unfit person hike Kilimanjaro: Like any other mountain, hiking can never be easy. But Kilimanjaro being the tallest in Africa makes it even more strenuous and takes a number of days unlike the Virunga volcanoes. If you are planning to take a Kilimanjaro hiking safari, you should be in good shape. You just have to set a goal for this activity like any of the other things you do in Life. Some people many choose to go on an intensive shaping exercise while others will just want to be psychologically ready.

But the question will still be, can someone unfit be able to climb Africa’s tallest mountain?

To know whether this is possible or not, you have to first understand what hiking Kilimanjaro entails. The hike is always slow but with a constant pace. It is usually an average of about six hours of hiking per day depending of course on the speed and other factors. You can check out the routing on this website to know the distance for each day. When you look at the details distances and times, you will not take this hike as a strenuous one since the distances are short compared to the time. This certainly seems to confirm that unfit people can hike the Kilimanjaro.

At the altitude above 15,000 feet, it’s hard for the hikers to sleep well. This becomes a real challenge since you start to lose the mental strength. The chances of an unfit person to pass by this level are slim but if you still have the will at this point, then you are good to go.

Looking at the altitude factor, some people fail to reach the summit because of altitude problems and not the physical ones. The inability to adapt to high altitude may deny you the joy of reaching Africa’s most top spot.

It is therefore recommended that you train for about two months before you take the Safari to Kilimanjaro. There are risks in climbing this mountain and so being fit makes it easy for you to beat the risks.


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