Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro On A Tight Budget?

Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro On A Tight Budget? Possible But Not Recommended : Kilimanjaro is Africa’s highest free-standing mountain, rising 5895 meters above sea level. Climbing Kilimanjaro on a budget is always on the bucket list of every tourist or climber who wants to experience Kilimanjaro hiking on the cheapest possible terms. Walking through the rain forest with professional guides, porters, and chefs will make your trip unforgettable and last a lifetime. Kilimanjaro is one of the world’s most recognizable mountains! Reaching Africa’s highest point and standing on the summit of the world’s highest free-standing mountain will be a highlight of any trekker’s career.

Climbing Kilimanjaro on a Budget

Costs start at $1650 per person per climb and vary depending on factors such as the climbing route chosen, the length of the climb, climbing gear, and the number of people in the group. Although it is possible to climb Mount Kilimanjaro on a shoestring budget, we at Focus East Africa Tours do not advise or recommend it. Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro on a shoestring budget can be dangerous for climbers, and because we at Focus East Africa Tours prioritize climber safety during our trekking package tours, we would not recommend attempting the climb to one of the world’s seven summits on a shoestring budget.

Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro on a budget means taking a short 5- or 6-day route, which is not recommended and can be dangerous due to the risk of mountain sickness because you will not have enough time to acclimate. Climbing Kilimanjaro on a budget also means sleeping in poor tents and using poor trekking equipment, both of which are completely not recommended due to the dangers that occur frequently on the way to the summit. Last but not least, climbing Kilimanjaro on a tight budget means that the guides and porters who will accompany you will be paid less, which we oppose because these people are doing a great job ensuring your safety during your climb and carrying your heavy luggage. Just imagine if you were doing all that work and still receiving a very small salary. How would you feel?

So what if you have a very limited budget but have always wanted to climb Mount Kilimanjaro and have been dying for many years to do so? And you probably don’t have any other options for getting more money to fulfill your dream. What are you going to do? Don’t worry, Focus East Africa Tours have you covered in this article blog.  So keep reading to find out how you can fulfill your dream of climbing Kilimanjaro on a shoestring budget and without risk.

Focus East Africa Tours offers high-end climbing equipment, professional and certified guides, dedicated and experienced porters, Kilimanjaro food (3 meals a day: breakfast, lunch, and dinner), Kilimanjaro Park fees (includes taxes), 2 nights hotel accommodation and 6-7 nights camping stays on the mountain, roundtrip airport transfers, and much more. You can choose between three types of climbing experiences. We’ve broken down some of the most important factors to consider if you’re trying to climb Mount Kilimanjaro on a budget.


With Focus East Africa Tours, you can travel on a budget while still getting the best amenities for climbing Kilimanjaro. Even on low-cost tours, we don’t skimp on amenities and services for our trekkers. We fit as many expenses as we can into the budget.

This does not imply that we make salary reductions for our staff. The Kilimanjaro crew salary, which you will be paying us in advance, is included in the Kilimanjaro Park fee. Choosing a cost-effective trek package allows you to significantly reduce the cost of climbing Mount Kilimanjaro and will enable you to do so on a tight budget.


Mount Kilimanjaro tours and vacation packages on a budget: Thought it is difficult to get a budget Mount Kilimanjaro trekking package due to high park fees and logistical challenges, most tour operators still can arrange this for you but on your own risk. The Marangu Route (which is less logistically challenging but also busier and more popular than the other options) should always be your hiking route, and joining or forming a group of four or more like-minded hikers will help you keep costs down. Here are how to climb Mount Kilimanjaro on a tight budget:

Joining the Kilimanjaro Climbing Group

Joining an open Kilimanjaro climbing group rather than a structured group hike. The next-best method for keeping your Kilimanjaro climb costs low is to buy in bulk. Depending on what you currently own and how adept you are at finding deals, spending between $500 and $800 on high-quality trekking equipment is probably necessary. The best option is to join a group because you can split costs and get more for your money. You will have the opportunity to meet new people and make new friends as a Kilimanjaro group tour has new set dates and years for when to start and finish.

Choose the Short Route to Climb Kili

Offering the best Mount Kilimanjaro guided tours for climbers of all experience levels.  Grab your hiking boots and passport; the rest is on us. Kilimanjaro climbs low cost between $1650 and $1800 USD. The quickest, 5- to 6-day Marangu route is one of the best to reserve if you’re climbing Kilimanjaro on a tight budget. The Marangu Route, which is less expensive and less logistically difficult than other routes, is also more popular and congested than other routes.

Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro On A Tight Budget?
Marangu Route

The Marangu Route, also referred to as the “Coca Cola Route,” is the most historic and well-known route on Kilimanjaro and was once the most well-liked. Considering the gradient and terrain, it is regarded as the simplest way up. Additionally, it is the only route up the mountain that offers huts for lodging.

Can you climb Kilimanjaro without a group? The only requirement set forth by the park authorities is that you register with a company. Every two trekkers must have a qualified guide, which they in turn must provide to you. In other words, you cannot ascend Kilimanjaro entirely on your own. You must travel with a guide who will watch out for you and lead you through the mountainous terrain.

Choose the Kilimanjaro Day Hiking Expeditions.

The traditional day trips that the Kilimanjaro Mountain offers don’t cost nearly as much as 5- to 9-day hiking expeditions. The best and cheapest day trip from Marangu Gate to Mandara is provided by Marangu routes. It takes close to 6 to 7 hours to go down. The most memorable experience of your life: because you didn’t need all the gear, porters, etc., it is even more affordable.

Bring your own Kilimanjaro hiking equipment.

You will be able to leave your non-climbing clothing, equipment, and toiletries behind at a hotel or our guide service office before beginning your climb. In a medium-sized daypack (roughly 25–35 liters in size), you will typically carry the equipment you need for trekking from one camp to the next while climbing Kilimanjaro. If you bring your own hiking equipment rather than renting it, you can save money on your Kilimanjaro packing list.

Opt for the budget accommodation options

There are a variety of options to choose from, from affordable to luxurious. Prior to climbing Kilimanjaro, pick an affordable and less expensive lodging option that fits your budgetary expectations. Stay in a hostel or other inexpensive lodging. By doing this, you can make significant financial savings, climb Kilimanjaro on a budget, and lower the price of the hike.

Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro On A Tight Budget : Choose public transport vs. private.

The best way to reduce the cost of your hike is to take a bus shuttle from the airport to your hotel rather than hiring a private taxi to take you there and back.

Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro On A Tight Budget : Avoid last-minute flights.

Booking your flight to Tanzania in advance typically results in lower flight prices than purchasing a last-minute flight ticket, which will increase your Kilimanjaro budget. Before beginning to plan your safari or Kilimanjaro hike, carefully compare the flights available to Tanzania in your country and reserve them in advance to cut out unnecessary costs.

Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro On A Tight Budget : Choose Kilimanjaro operators that offer complimentary all-inclusive.

Ask the clients who travel with the company if the particular tour operator offers all-inclusive services when searching for tour operators online that offer the opportunity to climb Mount Kilimanjaro. By selecting a travel agency that has coordinated everything, such as transportation and lodging, one can also avoid logistical complications and occasionally save both time and money.

Go Local, Book Local, vs. a Foreign Kilimanjaro Company

Booking with a local company such as Focus East Africa Tours that also employs locals is much more cost-effective than using a foreign company to climb Mount Kilimanjaro. Avoiding making reservations with foreign companies that are not based in Tanzania can also help you reduce the cost. When compared to agencies that operate outside of Tanzania, local businesses always offer the most affordable prices.

Luxurious Kilimanjaro Company vs. Budget Kilimanjaro Agency

Different Kilimanjaro tour operators offer accommodations on the mountain that are of varying standards and at varying price points. Luxury Kilimanjaro companies charge extremely high prices—four times as much as cheap tour companies, which typically provide hiking experiences at the lowest possible cost. Hiring a large company that offers opulent hiking is very expensive compared to a local, less expensive company. Don’t spend more than $1950 per person for a 6-day budget trek up Kilimanjaro; the mountain’s rates are very high and include 18% VAT.


Everything seems attainable with Focus East Africa Tours. You can easily get ready for the biggest hike of your life with the help of our professional advice from beginning to end. You will be well acclimated and have the highest success rate with the assistance of our knowledgeable tour guides. To get the best results, we advise you to pick mid-range trek packages. Contact our travel specialists right away to learn more about our Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing Packages and associated Kilimanjaro Climb Cost!

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