Cost of a Tanzania safari

Cost of a Tanzania safari : Visiting Tanzania is an exciting experience and there is a lot to see and take part in when visiting the country. Tanzania is a safari destination found in East Africa and there are many costs which are incurred during safaris to Tanzania. The costs include meal costs, accommodation costs, transport costs, park charges and personal expenses among others.

The Tanzania safaris can be private safaris or group safaris and the costs incurred on safari are also influenced by the type of safari. The cost of a safari in Tanzania can also be influenced by time of travel, duration of the safari, activities to do during the safari among others.

Some travellers when visiting Tanzania prefer to travel on their own and plan every detail of the safari by themselves.

Transport costs during a Tanzania safari

The different forms of transport which you can use when on a safari around Tanzania include flight and driving.

Safaris which involve accessing the destinations by driving tend to be less costly and are preferred by tourists during their tours around Tanzania. This option works better for destinations which are not very remote.

Cost of a Tanzania safari
Cost of a Tanzania safari

For tourists who want to spend more time exploring the parks during safari, it is recommended that they increase the number of days for the tour around the park so that not all the time is sent driving to the destination.

Hiring a vehicle during a safari in Tanzania costs about 200 USD for each day and the type of vehicle which is used for the safaris is a 4×4 vehicle. You can hire a local guide to go along with you during the tour since they are knowledgeable of the safari parks around Tanzania and other attractions. Different vehicle hire companies however charge differently depending on the vehicle capacity and the duration which one intends to hire the vehicle for.

Flying during safaris in Tanzania is another way to access the many travel destinations found around the north, south, west, central and coastal parts of Tanzania. Different domestic and international airlines offer flights across Tanzania.

Some of the domestic airlines offer flights that go directly to the national parks around Tanzania such as Regional air, Auric air, Flight link, Coastal Aviation among others. Daily flights are offered to destinations around Tanzania and there are morning flights and also afternoon flights.

Flights around destinations in Tanzania costs about 80 USD to 600 USD depending on the destination one is flying to. Children and adults are charged different for flights around Tanzania.

The cost of flights also varies during the low season and high season in Tanzania.  There are charter flights and scheduled flights which can be booked during tours around Tanzania.

Other forms of transport which are used during tours in Tanzania include boats or ferry and also rail transport.

Meal costs during safaris in Tanzania

Food in Tanzania costs about 15 USD to 40 USD per meal depending on where you have the meal from and also the type of food you eat during the tour.

The culinary experience in Tanzania is something to look forward to since the country is known for its cultural diversity. Local markets and restaurants, hotels and fast food restaurants are among the places where you can get a taste of the different delicacies in Tanzania.

Tasting traditional foods in Tanzania is also an activity to add to your safari experience during a tour in the country and this activity involves interacting with the locals, getting to know about their way of life and learning how to prepare the local food with the women during a visit to the traditional homesteads.

It is also important to pay keen attention to the hygiene when trying out different foods during a tour in Tanzania. When visiting Tanzania, you can also try out the variety of fruits grown around Tanzania like mangoes, coconut, jackfruits among others or sip on the local beers.

You can also choose to book accommodation on full board which includes all meals during a tour in Tanzania.

Cost of a Tanzania safari
Accommodation Costs in Tanzania

Park fee costs

Tanzania is a country which is famous for safaris which can be done in different parts of the country.

Park entrance fee is among the costs incurred during safaris in Tanzania and it varies from one destination to another. Other fees which are incurred during safaris in Tanzania include camping fees, concession fees. These fees are charged to non-residents, residents or expatriates and East Africans or Tanzanians.

Different activities are also carried out during torus around Tanzania and they are also charged when visiting the national parks. The activities carried out during safaris around Tanzania include game drives, nature walks, hot air balloon safaris, hiking, cultural tours, canoeing among others.

Some of the national parks visited during tours in Tanzania include Serengeti national park, Ruaha national park, Nyerere national park, Tarangire national park, Kilimanjaro national park, Lake Manyara national park, Mahale national park, Gombe stream national park, Katavi national park among others. There are also different reserves which are visited during torus around Tanzania.

Safaris in Tanzania can be carried out at any time of the year and the best time to visit is the dry season from June to October when wildlife species can easily be spotted around water sources in the parks.

Personal or individual expenses during safaris in Tanzania

There are also personal expenses which are incurred during safaris in Tanzania such as tips and gratuities, beverages during the tour, souvenir expenses among others. These charges also vary depending on the services received during the tour especially when it comes to tips.

Tipping in Tanzania is also highly recommended during tours and you can tip guides, drivers, porters, chefs among other people who you interact with during a safari. The tips can range from about 15 USD per person or more depending on the services offered to you during the safari and your level of satisfaction.

Visit Tanzania with us an enjoy taking part in various activities across various destinations.

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