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Cost of Climbing Kilimanjaro (Hike)

Cost of Climbing Kilimanjaro (Hike)

Cost of Climbing Kilimanjaro : Everyone would want to take this chance of a lifetime and hike the Kilimanjaro but the question remains on the financial implication. The cost of this hike is not universal, it varies from person to another but we shall look an average figure.

We shall look at some of the key requirement for the hike and then you will be able come up with the estimate.

Cost of Flights

You will need a flight to Kilimanjaro but there is one reliable airline that goes to Kilimanjaro airport which is KLM if you use any other airline, you will stop at the nearby airports and connect with a local airline.

Cost of Climbing Kilimanjaro

Climbing Packages

The trek will be an average of 5 to 10 days. This is what will create a variation in the price. Usually the package that operator offer will cover the airport pick up and transfers, guide, food and porters. You just need to tip them at the end of the safari.

Cost will be about $2,400 (£2,100) for all inclusive seven or eight day trek packages (excluding flights)

Tanzania Visa

The Tanzanian Visa can be gotten on arrival but you may also need to get it prior to you arrival as this will save you the long queues at the airport.

Budget $50 (£30)

Required Vaccinations & Medications

In addition to Yellow Fever you may want to get a HEP-A vaccination and a Polio Tetanus Diphtheria booster.

Hiking Equipment / Gears

The costs can vary depending on the quality of equipment you buy and whether you already have lots of equipment in your possession.

Tipping Guides and Porters

Here is a detailed article on tipping guides and porters on Kilimanjaro.

Budget $300 (£250)

Miscellaneous expenses

There are cost that may be under looked but you will need therefore you need some extra money just in case.

Budget $200 (£150)

Total Climbing Kilimanjaro Cost = $5,000 (£3,500)

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