Explore the wildlife at Mount Kilimanjaro

Explore the wildlife at Mount Kilimanjaro : There are variety of Wildlife species available in the park, that all you will be able to explore. I would like to pass you through different types of wildlife in Mount Kilimanjaro. The wildlife at Mount Kilimanjaro are of different category, there are those who eat grass, fruits example monkeys, and who eat meat example lions. Visiting the wildlife in Kilimanjaro park can be one of your best exploration in Tanzania, I hope you will appreciate once you take a chance to come.

Plan safe to have a super holiday for exploration in Mount Kilimanjaro National Park, Tanzania. If you are planning to climb the Mountain, the maximum climbing free is ($ 1,900) where you will be provided with safety, shown climbing routes, and many more you will find there.

The accommodation fees at Kilimanjaro national park depend on the quality of the property but start from ($ 70). There are luxurious and budgeted accommodation facilities to meet the interest of all people.  There are enough hotels, lodges, and Guest houses to which one can relax during the exploration of Mount Kilimanjaro National Park.  If you are looking for the best places to relax during your visit, you can do your booking to any of the properties near Mount Kilimanjaro Park in Kimana Omega Safari Lodge, The W Hotel, Dual Mountain View Lodge, Kilimanjaro View Lodge, and much more.

Explore the wildlife at Mount Kilimanjaro
Explore the wildlife at Mount Kilimanjaro

 You can have another choice of staying in Hotels outside the park, there are more Hotels in Arusha Town to which you can have more enjoyment before or after your exploration. Arusha is a 2-3 hours away drive from Mount Kilimanjaro park.

Throughout the year you can visit Mount Kilimanjaro park. However, the best period to come is during the dry season from December to march before long rains begin. If you ever wondered what African Mount Kilimanjaro wildlife looks like, well let me show you.

Monkey. There are different species of monkeys available in Mount Kilimanjaro park. The blue monkeys, the black monkeys and white monkeys are all present at the park. Their main habitat is the montane forest of the park. They live there eating forest fruits.

Birds. It is an interesting experience for bird lovers. They will be able to view a different kinds of birds since Kilimanjaro National park is the place of birds. There are more than 150 bird species in the forest park. Some of these birds are of African residence while others migrated from other parts of the world. To mention a few of the birds present in Kilimanjaro national park, there are African eagles, mouse birds, white-necked raven, black-shouldered kite, long and short-tailed trogon, grey hornbill, pygmy kingfishers, and white-cheeked barbet.

Elephants. For a long generation, Kilimanjaro has been a home for elephants. These giants are found only on the Northern and Southern slopes of Kilimanjaro. Most of the time they are seen roaming around Namwai and Tarakia Rivers in the park. Elephants stay here because the mountain is protected and the mountain is a great provider of food to them. By midnight or late afternoon, you will see the herd of elephants moving to the boundary of the park. Many elephant families move up the mountain with the higher ground producing more nutritious and tastier plants. Elephants have been in Kilimanjaro for thousands of years. They move through the thorny dry bush of the park.

Buffaloes. They live in mountain forest surrounding the park. Their main habitat is grasslands, moorlands and the forests which covers large area around in the park surrounding the Kilimanjaro mountain, Explore the wildlife at Mount Kilimanjaro.

During your Tanzania Safari, there are more things you can do in your exploration of Mount Kilimanjaro national park. Apart from viewing wildlife at the park, you will have a lot of activities to do at Kilimanjaro Park. Among the activities are;

 Safari walk. This walk allows you to go around the plateau and get close to watch lions, buffaloes, elephants, and monkeys. You should bear in mind that the environment around the park is very dense so, you will have to walk carefully as you see baboons, butterflies, birds, insects, and many more amazing creatures.

Visit Maasai Tribe. You will discover more about Maasai cultures like their dressing code, jumping dance, songs, and traditional food, and learn more about Maasai family traditions. You will also have a conversation with the Maasai about their past.

Explore the wildlife at Mount Kilimanjaro
Maasai People

Stop by Chala Crater Lake. You will have a visit to Chala crater lake which was formed as a result of volcanic activities on Mount Kilimanjaro thousands of years ago. It is located on the eastern side of Rombo District in Kilimanjaro between the border of Tanzania and Kenya. The lake water is blue and ongoing around the lake down the crater walls you will see “Chala tilapia” (a kind of African fish species).

Film and camps. You will enjoy staying in camps for a lunch break, just within the forest and bushes of the park. Also, you will visit the water falls of the Mount Kilimanjaro park to take photos, selfies and record videos. I hope this will be the unforgettable experience to you.

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