Flights from Entebbe to Kilimanjaro

Flights from Entebbe to Kilimanjaro

Flights from Entebbe to Kilimanjaro have been made so convenient and easy saving tourists from a hectic and tiresome road trip from Uganda’s Entebbe to Tanzania’s most visited tourist destination, Mount Kilimanjaro. Entebbe international airport is the main gateway of Uganda found in Entebbe city. Entebbe city is a prominent tourist destination of with numerous tourist attraction, the city is found 37 kilometers southwest of Kampala the capital city of Uganda on Victoria peninsula. Historically Entebbe city is rich with history which makes it more attractive and worth visiting as it was a seat of government for the protectorate of Uganda under the British administration before independence. Entebbe city also hosts the statehouse (the official office and residence of the president of Uganda).

Tanzania’s Kilimanjaro region is one of the famous tourist destinations in Tanzania with numerous highlights which are of interest to tourist from various countries. Kilimanjaro region found in the northern region of Tanzania bordering Kenya in north and east, Tanga region in the south, Manyara region and Arusha region in the west, with Moshi as the capital town, forms a part of the northern tourism circuit, it receives hundreds of tourists who flood this region. Kilimanjaro region has many tourist destinations, for example, Mkomazi National Park, the Pare Mountains, Lake Jipe, Lake Chala, tropical forests, waterfalls and Kilimanjaro National Park which covers the magnificent snowcapped mountain Kilimanjaro the highest mountain in Africa at the altitude of 19,341 ft., mountain Kilimanjaro is a perfect destination for mountain climbing with its three volcanic cones of Kibo, Mawenzi and Shira. From here you can also connect to Serengeti national park and Ngorongoro crater, Kilimanjaro international airport is the main gateway to this magical region also serving Arusha and Moshi.

Tourists on safari from Uganda to Tanzania you need to worry no more, Tanzania is 638 kilometers from Uganda and using a flight to connect to these two famous destinations is the easiest means of transport you can use.  Flights from Entebbe to Kilimanjaro have been many easy with a cheap fight which are easy to fit in your budget and sometimes discounted flights are offered. Flights from Entebbe you use Entebbe international airport (EBB) to Kilimanjaro international airport takes a duration of 1 hour and 50 minutes.

Many airlines offer convenient, fast and comfortable flights from Entebbe international airport to Kilimanjaro international airport at a reasonable price and at different intervals with some companies offering four flight trips a week, the average range of prices for tickets to Kilimanjaro is US $299- US $ 466. Airlines offering flights from Entebbe international airport to Kilimanjaro international airport include Precision Air, Air Tanzania, Rwanda Air, Ethiopian Airways, Fly Dubai, Multiple airlines, KLM, Turkish Qatar and many more.

With a purchase of 50 seater aircraft, Air Uganda has also relaunched direct flights between Entebbe to Kilimanjaro International Airport offering four flight trips.

There are also chartered air flights to Kilimanjaro international airport from Entebbe international airport which are cheaper than scheduled flights using helicopters, private jets provided by Qwik flight, Auric Air Services Ltd

While planning on taking a flight while on safari from Entebbe to Kilimanjaro it is advisable to book your flight months or weeks prior to the day of your touring, you can book your flight by yourself or through your tour and travel agent.

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