Hiking Mt. Kilimanjaro in 6 days Marangu route

Hiking Mt. Kilimanjaro in 6 days Marangu route : The Kilimanjaro Mountain is the highest mountain in Africa as well as the world’s tallest free standing mountain which is 5,895 meters above the sea level and has 3 volcanic cones known as the Kibo, Mawenzi and Shira.  The Kilimanjaro Mountain is also considered as the easiest mountain to climb because it does not require any experience or hiking skills to climb it, it’s a free standing mountain that you will have to walk all the way up. This mountain becomes difficult to hike because of the change in altitude hence it’s advised to take the minimum of 6 days hiking it so that you can give your body enough time to cope with the change in the altitude to avoid climbing sickness.

Below is the best plan for any individual who wishes to hike the mountain in just six days.

Day 01 Marangu gate to Mandara Hut

This route approaches the mountain from the southern part; it elevates about 6,046 to 8,858fts and the hiking time from the Marangu gates towards Mandara hut is 4-5 hours which is about 8 kilometers. The hiking begins at the floor of this mountain which is covered by the rainforest. The higher you move toward the Mandara hut the thicker the rain forest. You will enjoy the most beautiful sceneries of different animals such as giraffes, elephants as well as the monkeys. The sight of the colorful birds will not be missed as they entertain you along the way to Mandara hut. This route also offers the most beautiful sceneries of the vegetation cover as it changes form the rain forest all the way to the summit which is the icy floor. The trails then slowly widen to show off its beautiful hillsides until you arrive at the Mandara hut.

Day 02 Mandara hut to Horombo hut

The spectacular views of the Kibo and Mawenzi can be seen from this point which elevates about 8.858ft t0 12,205 ft which means hiking for about 6-8 hours for the distance of 12 kilometers. At this point the vegetation cover is still in the rain forest, moving further towards the Horombo hut the trails open into the high moorland.

Hiking Mt. Kilimanjaro in 6 days Marangu route

Day 03 Horombo hut to Mawenzi Ridge then back o Horombo hut

There is no a lot of hiking on the 3rd day as it is a day to allow acclimatization so the bodies can get used to high altitude which prevents visitors from the climbing sickness.  The distance between the Horombo hut and the Mawenzi Ridge is about 5 kilometers, which is 1-2 hours of hiking. At this point the elevation is about 14,400 ft to 12,205 ft. walking towards the Mawenzi ridge is the more like a motivation to the climbers as they enjoy the beautiful scenery of the summits from the far, Hiking Mt. Kilimanjaro in 6 days Marangu route

Day 04 Horombo hut to Kibo hut

At this point the summit is closer and at the arrival at Kibo hut the preparation for the summit early in the morning the following day begins.  The landscape at this point is dessert and highly covered with the rocks that are the remains of the volcanic eruption that occurred many years ago. The spectacular sceneries of the summit will not disappoint you as they will also inspire you to keep moving as the summit is closer.  This point the elevation is 12,205 ft to 15,430 ft, the distance between the Horombo hut and Kibo hut is about 6 kilometers which is 6-8 hours of walking. Enjoy the early dinner that will be prepared at the Kibo hut which is just at the bottom of the Kibo crater walls.  The early dinner is important as it will give the visitors enough time to prepare for the summit as well as to get enough rest.

Day 05 Kibo hut to Uhuru summit

The pride and joy of reaching at the summit will make you forget of the tough times of hiking. The distance from the Kibo huts to the summit is about 6-8 hours of hiking. The safari towards the summit will require you to add more layers of hot clothes as you will move up towards the ice. The journey towards the summit normally begins between 11; 00 to 11; 30 pm.  The air is thin and it’s getting thicker as you keep moving up, the road is not that bad as it slopes as steep due to many switch backs. Move slowly and steady let your body to have time to adapt with the low oxygen level, don’t get pressurized by the other groups of people overtaking you.  Reaching at the Gilman’s point that is also considered as reaching the peak and the park authorities will reward you with the certificate. From the Gilman’s point to the crater rim is about one hour and half, now it’s your choice to reach to the crater rim or just end there, Hiking Mt. Kilimanjaro in 6 days Marangu route

The hiking down the mountain begins immediately as it is so cold up at the rim and that you .will start catching cold in your arms and feet. Spend a few minutes at the rim to take a few photos and have some little fun with the ice

You will find some hot meals prepared for you just at the arrival at the Kibo huts, just after the meal you might to sleep and feel relieved but not yet you still have 4-5 more hours to drag yourself towards the Horombo huts as the altitude is high and the oxygen level is lower, you can’t spend more time up here as it can get worse, Hiking Mt. Kilimanjaro in 6 days Marangu route

Day 06 Horombo hut to Mandara hut

The more you will be moving down the mountain the more you will feel energetic and yourself again because the oxygen level will be increasing too.  After the breakfast you will set off down towards the Mandara hut and past it leading all the way to the Marangu gates where you will enjoy the rainforest. Once you reach at the gates of Marangu, then it is finally time to say bye to the guides who were with you through the most adventures experience.

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