Hiking in Tanzania

Hiking on Mount Meru

Hiking on Mount Meru

Hiking on Mount Meru : Mount Meru is the second highest mountain in Tanzania which is located in the northern part of the country in Arusha.

The mountain is the 5th highest peak in Africa and in Tanzania Mount Meru is found in Arusha national park. This mountain is the 2nd highest in Tanzania at 4566 meters after Mount Kilimanjaro (4895 meters).

A variety of wildlife and over 400 bird species can be seen during a hiking experience on Mount Meru. The mountain rises over the savannah plains and wildlife species which can be seen around Mount Meru during a safari include monkeys, giraffes and elephants among others.

Mount Meru was formed as a result of volcanic activity and is also a popular hiking destination. During hikes on Mount Meru, there are 2 accommodations which trekkers relax at and these include Miriakamba hut (2515 meters) and the Saddle hut (3570 meters).

It can take 3 to 4 days to hike on Mount Meru which is also part of the attractions in Arusha national park. There are two peaks on Mount Meru and they include the Meru summit and the ash cone.

A typical itinerary for a hiking experience on Mount Meru begins from Momella gate (1580 meters) to Miriakamba hut (2515 meters). From Miriakamba hut to Saddle hut (3566 meters) and to the peak and descend to Saddle hut then to Miriakamba hut and back to Momella gate.

Hiking on Mount Meru takes place along the routes such as Momella route which offers amazing views of Mount Kilimanjaro and also the attractions around Arusha national park where the found.

During hikes on Mount Meru, trekkers are accompanied by porters and guides and some of the requirements for hiking experiences on mountains include sleeping bags which can also be rented or provided during the safari by the tour operators.

The slopes of Mount Meru are steep during ascent and the routes used during hikes on the mountain which passes through grassland, rainforest, alpine vegetation and moorland. Trekkers are accompanied by armed rangers, porters and guides during their hikes on the mountain.

Hiking on Mount Meru
Hiking on Mount Meru

Mount Meru is also made up of cones and craters and hikes on this mountain are a way to prepare one’s body for longer hiking experiences on Mount Kilimanjaro. For amazing views of Kilimanjaro mountain from Mount Meru, the months of December to February are recommended.

Other attractions in the national park include the Momella lakes as well as various wildlife and bird species.

Momella lakes are 7 lakes which are found in Arusha national park and they include the big Momella, small Momella, El kekhotoito, Kushare, Rishateni, Lekandiro, and also Tulusia. These lakes are shallow and alkaline in nature with water sources from underground springs.

Canoeing is among the activities which are carried out on the Momella lakes during a safari to Arusha national park.

Formation of Mount Meru

Mount Meru which is a strato volcano which was formed after the formation of the Great Rift Valley and collapse of the top of a volcano many million years ago. This explosion led to the horse shoe shape of Mount Meru.

How to get to Mount Meru

Mount Meru can be accessed from Arusha which is about 1 hours’ drive to Arusha national park where the mountain is located.

Apart from hiking other activities carried out on Mount Meru include wildlife viewing, bird watching and cultural experiences. The cultural experiences on Mount Meru involve interaction with the locals and getting to know more about their culture and history.

Game viewing

Different wildlife species can also be seen during hiking on Mount Meru as they explore Arusha national park and these include giraffes, white colobus monkeys, buffalos, elephants, baboons and many others. The national park is a good destination for day trips during safaris to the northern part of Tanzania.

Guided nature walks

Walking safaris are also carried out during safaris around Arusha national park where Mount Meru is located. This activity is carried out in the company of a ranger guide as tourists enjoy exploring the attractions at the destination.

Visit Arusha national park and enjoy an experience of hiking on Mount Meru as you enjoy a safari around the northern part of Tanzania.

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