How to Save Money on a Kilimanjaro Safari

How to Save Money on a Kilimanjaro Safari

How to Save Money on a Kilimanjaro Safari

How to Save Money on a Kilimanjaro Safari: It is no news that much as everyone would want a great safari, we would like to cut cost but have the best there is also. When you are going to a destination for the first time, you will not want to spend a lot of money just because of your little knowledge about a place. At times tips for saving money make the safari even more adventurous like taking public means of transport in certain destinations. Here are some of the tips you need to save on your hiking safari to Kilimanjaro.

How to Save Money on a Kilimanjaro Safari

Saving on Kilimanjaro Trek Packages

Try to find out what in included and what’s not included in you safari price before you pay. Compare the quote with other quotes you get from other operators around the same destination. This will help you get a better bargain. Make sure most of the important things are catered for in the price you pay to any operator such that you do not pay exorbitant monies on site.

Saving Money on Flights to Tanzania

It not news to regular travelers that you need to book a flight early at least 60 days to the date of travel. You are advised not to use alienated airlines. Look at airline that is owned by neighboring countries such as Ethiopia and Kenya; you may also look at KLM as it has the only direct international flight to Kilimanjaro Airport.

Saving Money on Trekking Gear

If you are buying this gear for the first time and you have nothing at all, it is advisable that you instead hire on site at it will be cheaper even in terms of saving you the transportation cost to and from. Consult your operator and weigh your options.

Accommodation, Food and Transport

If you choose to go by yourself without an operator, you will need good accommodation and transportation. On this website we have listed for you some of the accommodation facilities you can use. You are free to ask former travelers on travel forums for advice and recommendations.

The most important tip is always to book prior to the travel date, usually a year can be a good time space.

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