Kilimanjaro safari tour

Kilimanjaro safari tour

Kilimanjaro safari tour : Mount Kilimanjaro is a snowcapped mountain which is found in the northern part of Tanzania. The mountain is the highest in Africa at an altitude of 5895 meters. Mount Kilimanjaro is also one of the seven summits of the world and many tourists visit this destination every year to engage in hiking on the mountain and also to enjoy views of the mountain.

There are three volcanic cones on Mount Kilimanjaro and they include Kibo, Shira and Mawenzi. Kilimanjaro is also the highest free standing mountain in Africa. The highest point on the mountain is the Uhuru peak which is found on Kibo (the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro).

Mount Kilimanjaro is a strato volcano and it consists of ash, lava and also rock. Different routes are used to hike on the mountain and the shortest is Marangu route which takes about 5 days to complete the ascent to the summit and descend to the starting point of the hike.

Other hiking routes of Mount Kilimanjaro include Lemosho route, the Machame route, Rongai route, Shira route, Umbwe route and the northern route. The length of the hiking experience on Mount Kilimanjaro depends on the route which is used when engaging in the activity.

Each hiking route offers a unique experience and some of these routes have a higher success rate when climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. The more the number of days taken for the hike, the higher the chances of completing the climb to the summit successfully. This is because time is spent acclimatizing increases the success rate.

The different routes used to climb Mount Kilimanjaro during Kilimanjaro Safaris  can take about 6 or more days to hike to the summit and back and each of these routes is found on different sides of the mountain. The Marangu route is the only route on the mountain which has hut accommodation and hikers stay at Horombo hut, Kibo hut and Mandara hut.

Travelers of different ages can climb Mount Kilimanjaro to the summit or they could enjoy a one day experience on the mountain taking photos and enjoying a short climb which takes a couple of hours.

There is amazing scenery to enjoy seeing during a hike along the different routes on Mount Kilimanjaro. There are waterfalls such as Materuni waterfalls which can be seen during a tour on Mount Kilimanjaro and some wildlife species can also be encountered during a trip to Kilimanjaro national park.


Kilimanjaro safari tour
Hiking Mount Kilimanjaro

Location of Mount Kilimanjaro

Mount Kilimanjaro is an attraction which is found in Kilimanjaro national park which is one of the Tanzania parks found in the northern part of the country.

During a hike on Mount Kilimanjaro, there are 5 climatic zones which hikers go through as they climb to the top of the mountain and they include the bushland zone, the rainforest zone, moorland zone, alpine desert zone and the arctic zone.

Kilimanjaro mountain is located near the town of Moshi where hikers start their hiking tours and safaris from. The destination can be accessed by a to Kilimanjaro international airport which is south west of Kilimanjaro national park while on Kilimanjaro safari tour.

From the town of Moshi or Arusha, hikers can start their Kilimanjaro adventures during their tours to Tanzania.

Before engaging in a hike on Mount Kilimanjaro it is important to prepare for the hike for increasing the chances of getting to the Uhuru peak during a tour at the destination. This preparation can be done in terms of selecting a tour package for climbing Kilimanjaro which has a higher success rate, packing necessary items for the trip to avoid too much luggage.

Another way to prepare for the hike on Mount Kilimanjaro is by building up endurance which can be done by training, getting vaccinations which are needed for the tour to Tanzania as well as for altitude sickness.

The best time to engage in a hike on Mount Kilimanjaro is during the month of January to March and also June to October which a time of the year when the weather is favorable for hiking on the mountain.

June to October is also a time of the year which is the high season and many tourists visit Mount Kilimanjaro for hiking tours. It is also a good time to combine a hike on Mount Kilimanjaro with a safari to the wildlife safari parks in the northern part of Tanzania since June to October is also a good time to see the various wildlife species such as in Serengeti national park, Tarangire national park, Lake Manyara national park, the Ngorongoro conservation area and also Arusha national park.

Each traveler has a preference in regards to when to engage in a hiking tour on Mount Kilimanjaro since this destination can be visited at any time of the year.  The weather can however be unpredictable during a hike on Mount Kilimanjaro.

During the months of November and also in April, there is rain received at the destination and it is recommended to hike during the dry season or months of the year. Some experienced hikers can however also climb Mount Kilimanjaro during the rainy season while on Kilimanjaro safari tour.

The beauty of Mount Kilimanjaro is that it can be visited by both experienced and non experienced hikers for an adventure on the highest mountain in Africa. During the hike on the mountain porters and guides, cooks and rangers go with the hikers.

The packages offered for hikes on Mount Kilimanjaro during tours in Tanzania also include park fees, different equipment needed during the hike, accommodation during the trips, guide fees among other things.

After completing the climb on Mount Kilimanjaro, hikers can stay in the various accommodations in Moshi town or proceed to Arusha town. There are also cultural tours which can be done after or before hiking on the mountain such as interacting with the Chagga people who live at the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro and getting to know more about their culture and way of life.

Book with us a visit to Mount Kilimanjaro and enjoy a hiking excursion to the summit of the highest mountain in Africa during your safari to Tanzania.

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