Ladies hiking Mount Kilimanjaro

Ladies hiking Mount Kilimanjaro : Mount Kilimanjaro is held to be the tallest mountain in Africa and a free standing one. Amazingly is that it covers 30,000 hikers every year from different seasons and durations. Mount Kilimanjaro has 3 volcanic cones being Kibo, Mawenzi and Shira though the last volcanic eruption is believed to have occurred 360,000 years ago.

Should Women be worried on their safety during the hike?

Tanzania is a beautiful country inside out by this it means that consider yourself being safe in every environment off and on the hiking durations. As far as a hiker is climbing Kili they will be in good hands where by a number of lead guides, associate guides, cooks and porters convoy the group on every trip in their chosen routes, there are also many other travellers and troops on the paths and campsites in the hike. As a woman you will never feel isolated or left alone on the mountain and therefore, it is extremely unlikely that anything bad or worse could occur to you.

There are a number of other considerations that women should take before hiking Mount Kilimanjaro. These considerations and guidelines will be a motivation and a help in conquering the hike, it will also add up on a better comfortable stay during the hiking duration. The following tips will do.

Prepare your Trip by Exercising:

Climbing Kilimanjaro must be well prepared for. As a lady take a chance to prepare by doing exercises like running, jogging, and working out in your home country before planning to visit Tanzania for a Kilimanjaro Summit. This will help keep you strong enough to start and finish your hike by reaching the peak without much pressure and health issues.

Choose your path carefully:

Mount Kilimanjaro cannot be clambered from any course that’s why there are routes established for a perfect hike. Known are seven alleyways to the top of the mountain vacillating from the easiest and route to the stiff route. These are Marangu route, Machame route, Umbwe route, Lemosho route, Rongai and the Nort Circuit route. Though the Marangu Route also called the Coca Cola route is most preferred by many ladies.

The Marangu course is the easiest and quickest route however it takes only 5 days for the summit which evidently means the chances of getting to the top due to these limited days is low as the 5 days might end up in the way. The Umbwe route is the hardest way. This is a steepest and shortest route that means it only suits you if you’re an experienced athlete or have had a lot of exercises and workouts before your journey. It also requires a person whose body doesn’t respond quickly to fever and altitude change. The Northern circuit route is the beautiful pathway with a long duration which means the chances of reaching to the top are higher compared to other routes with limited days.

Rongai route this route is the only route that you get to climb the mountain from the north that but is not quite picturesque than other. Lemosho route the best scenic route of them all. It carries an average of six to nine days to finish the climb. This route is not over populated with other climbers.

As a Lady Pack well for different climate precinct:

Despite the weather women have a lot to pack basing on their health issue, skin and biological issues. The mountain does not really have a single stagnant weather in all days that you’ll be climbing it therefore a proper concoct to different gears and costumes depending on the climate and layers would matter so as to ease your journey and make it easier. Do not take a chance to wear extravagant and luxurious jewellery, statement rings, purses, high shoes or other accessories. In actual fact, don’t bring them in the ramble.

Bring in high calorie’s appetisers, snacks and water.

Notwithstanding the detail that you’ll have to hire a chef to prepare dishes for you daily according to your wants in the hike it’s important to bring snacks in your backpacks and pockets to boost up your energy this can be nuts, oat biscuits, dried fruits protein bars and many more along the way. A bottle of water will do as plenty water will cover the sweat from climbing the mountain. Bring as a big bottler which will make it easier for you to refill once after two or three days and mind you that also water guard pills will do that will purify your water as it can be fetched from the streams.

Ladies hiking Mount Kilimanjaro
Ladies hiking Mount Kilimanjaro

Select a trustworthy travel agent for the hike.

Do not consider travelling with any agent or by yourself. There are many agents and tour companies in Tanzania that can host your stay and climb together along the mountain. An honest and highly reputable company would give you all the self-assurance you need for the summit. There good trekking companies that would give you the best services with honest and immediate help and attention.

Elect a determination drive, Rest and track your doctor’s guidance and treatments.

Every good experience has a motive or drive behind it. It’s always good to stay motivated in order to accomplish your goal. Make climbing Kilimanjaro be an outcome of a certain reason as your reason is your motivation when the days of climbing gets tough. It might be a reason of giving back to the community, fundraising, creating awareness or a dedication. Remember don’t weary up yourself too much and have time to rest before, and during the summit as enough rest will boost up your energy and give you vibes to continue freshly. All in all, remember to follow your doctor’s advice and make each decision while minding your health. Also carry in female tan pods and maxi pads as the altitude might mess up with your hormones and result to period even when it not the days.

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