Must Knows before hiking Kilimanjaro

Must Knows before hiking Kilimanjaro

Must Knows before hiking Kilimanjaro

Must Knows before hiking Kilimanjaro : The Kilimanjaro Mountain is the tallest and most visited mountain in Africa. With over five ecosystems before you reach its peak, climbing the 19,340 feet to the summit is one of the best adventures you will have in Africa.

We have looked around and have come up with a list of things you need to know about the hike and very few people talk about them. This will make you hike more easily.

Must Knows before hiking Kilimanjaro

Kilimanjaro is hard work. 

Most books will describe it as a walk and not even a hike but some of the places are hell and the hike gets tough so you have to come prepared.

Nothing will kill you.

There are not harms on most of the animals that are on your way up so you be free but remain in the company of your group. In terms of safety from wildlife, there are minimal chances you will be attacked.

Toilet paper is a necessity.

Most of the toilets on the camping site do not have amenities and so you will need your own and on the way you will use the bushes definitely so you will need toilet paper.

Your sweat will freeze.

It’s too hot during the day but very cold at night and you will find most of the water at the camps frozen. Chances are high for you not to take a shower in the six day on the mountain.

It’s not always easy on a relationship.

It’s not good for honeymoon as people may portray it. There are several couples that end up breaking up due to the disagreement on the hike.

Take it slow.

You have to take it slow such that you enjoy the hike. You do not have to be taken up the motive to reach the summit after all 50% of the people have failed to reach the summit bu there are other things on the way that can make the hike worth.

It is one of the most beautiful places you’ll ever be.

There are better things to the hike other than just reaching the peak. If you focus on this you may miss the Mwenzi, the craggy second peak of Kilimanjaro that looms ominously over climbers, since it is near-impossible to climb.

You can be in the best shape of your life and fail to reach the summit. 

Altitude sickness is an equal opportunity bully. You may be able to run marathons, but the vomiting, nausea and sometimes hallucinations can knock you out well before you reach 19,000 feet.

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