Necessary Training Drills for Hiking Kilimanjaro

Necessary Training Drills for Hiking Kilimanjaro

Necessary Training Drills for Hiking Kilimanjaro

 Necessary Training Drills for Hiking Kilimanjaro: Hiking Kilimanjaro is not just a physical task but also a mental one, you will need both stamina.  The ability to rely on you physical strength to keep you going is all the power of the mental stamina. Here are 4 things you can do to be perfectly prepared for the summit.

Aerobic Training

This builds the cardiovascular system of your body which is vital in climbing since it is this system that processes the oxen you breathe. You will need to take it slow on your hike to help this system to adapt to the changes in altitude. You will need about 3-6 months to make your body used. You will run about 12 km every day.

Necessary Training Drills for Hiking Kilimanjaro

Strength Training

This focuses on the upper body and the legs. You will do squat ups, lunges, step aerobics. Building the muscles here is also necessary. You will need to do sit ups, shoulder presses and swings.

Practice Hiking

You may find a few hills to hike as a way of practicing. It may not be too high but it gives you a test. The hikes should be atleast 5 hours

Metal Stamina

This is one of the key things you will need for the hike. To keep pushing on the mountain, you will need that mental energy to connect with the physical energy and also control it.

There are a few thinks you can do to prepare yourself, we recommend long distance running, and particularly marathons, but half marathons can do the same thing if you are not accustomed to running long distance. This type of activity really requires one to draw on their mental reserves to get to the finish line.

It’s important to note that it is possible for all of us to know that  it is possible for all of us to hike the Kilimanjaro Mountain, it’s just the we have to take those extra measures to ensure that our engines are set for the task till the end.

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