Northern Route

Northern Route / Circuit

Northern Route Circuit

Northern Route Circuit:This route is the longest of all and the most recent on the Kilimanjaro. It starts from the Londorossi point or gate and almost goes like the Lemosho route in the first few days about two. After overcoming the Shira plains, it goes north instead of south via the Barranco.

This route rotates around the silent slopes on the north and eastern side of the mountain.  There are a few differences on this route but it also reaches the summit through the Gilman’s Point and then descends via Mweka.

Northern Route / Circuit

Day One – From Londorossi Gate (2,100 meters) – start point 2,360 meters to MtiMkubwa Camp (2,820 meters)

Day Two– FromMtiMkubwa Camp (2,820 meters) to Shira Camp one (3,610 meters)

Day Three – From Shira Camp one (3,610 meters) to Shira Camp two (3,850 meters)

Day Four –From Shira Camp two (3,850 meters) to Lava Tower (4,600 meters) and then north to Moir Camp (4,200 meters)

Day Five – From Moir Camp (4,200 meters) to Buffalo Camp (4,020 meters)

Day Six– From Buffalo Camp (4,020 meters) to Rongai Third Cave (3,800 meters)

Day Seven – From third Cave (3,800 meters) to School Hut (4,800 meters)

Day Eight – From School Hut (4,800 meters) to Uhuru Peak (5,895 meters) and then onto Millennium Camp (3,950 meters)

Day Nine – From Millennium Camp (3,950 meters) to Mweka Gate (1,640 meters)


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