Porters and Guides on Kilimanjaro

Porters and Guides on Kilimanjaro

Porters and Guides on Kilimanjaro

Porters and Guides on Kilimanjaro :To have a successful hike of the Kilimanjaro, you will need porters to help you out with you luggage. The guides will of course be paid the company you booked through in case you have any but of course at the end you may need to give them a token of appreciation. We assume that people who hike Kilimanjaro as a leisure activity will always have some little money to spare for this.

Porters and Guides on Kilimanjaro

For starters, each porter will only carry 20kgs of your luggage that means the more luggage the more porters you will need. Some operators may limit the luggage to 15kgs per porter. This is not just for your good but also it contributes to the welfare of the community and the conservation efforts of the park since it creates employment and reduces on the encroacher on the park.

Usually and average climber will have three support staff. A guide, cook and porter. But in most cases one will need two porters.

Each company has a different policy and you need to know their policy before you book. Here we are giving you an estimate. Here are the estimate tips per day for the whole group. Tipping is always done at the end.

Main guide – US$20-25 per day
Assistant guide – US$15-20 per day
Cook – US$15 per day
Porter – US$10 per day

Depending on the number of days you spend on the hike, you can do the math and see how much you may tip but taking an example of 6 days, the whole group of 5 people should have

Main guide- $120(Two guides)=240

Assistant- $90(One)=90



The total will be about $1020  for the whole group that means each individual will pay $204.

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