Required Vaccinations & Insurance

Required Vaccinations & Insurance

Required Vaccinations & Insurance

Required Vaccinations & Insurance: Like any other destination, there are vaccines that are required before you travel to Kilimanjaro. In this article we give you a brief about some of them, there are those that are not mandatory but you may need them but you also have to find out from your doctor.

Yellow Fever

If you are arriving directly into Tanzania, this vaccine is not mandatory but if you are going through another country like Uganda to Tanzania, then you must have a yellow fever vaccination card. But you will also have to take this vaccination for your own good.

Hepatitis A & B

On the hike you are about to take you will meet a lot of people and since this is a disease that is transmitted through contact you never know what happens on safari therefore it is good for you to have this also.


Chances are very slim for you to meet this but you can still talk to your doctor and look through the risks.

Diphtheria / Tetanus / Polio

If you have not had these shots in 10 years it is important that you take them before heading to Kilimanjaro.


This is spread through eating contaminated food and drinks. You will need this since you will be in the wild and who know what may happen.

General Medical check-up

A hiking safari is not like the other game safaris, you will need a general assessment of your body to see if it can attach to the changes you are about to meet.

Trekking and Travel Insurance

For anyone that has been on such safaris before you know that this is important and therefore you have no option but to go for it.


Malaria is spread by mosquito bites and Tanzania is one of the prone countries, you need to take all the necessary measures to avoid catching malaria.

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