Safari cost in Tanzania

Safari cost in Tanzania : Safaris in Tanzania are carried out in different national parks and wildlife viewing destinations found around the northern, southern and western parts of the country.

Tours including private safaris or tailor-made safaris are carried out when visiting Tanzania and group safaris or scheduled safaris are also done around the destinations of Tanzania. Tourists can also carry out self-drive safaris when visiting Tanzania.

Safaris in Tanzania can be organized by a tour operator and some individuals prefer to organize and plan their own safaris when exploring the different destinations around Tanzania. When planning a safari on your own, a lot of research about the destination is needed and there can be unplanned for costs along the way.

As compared to safaris organized by individuals when visiting Tanzania, tours organized by tour operators are preferred since they offer choices to pick from and the tour operators are also knowledgeable about the destinations. Another advantage of planning a safari with a tour operator is that they include all the costs to be incurred during the safari.

There are different costs incurred during tours around Tanzania and they include transport costs, park entrance fees, accommodation costs, meal costs, guide costs, visa costs, tips and gratuities, personal expenses among others.

Accommodation costs during safaris in Tanzania

When visiting Tanzania, there are various accommodations to choose from such as luxury accommodation, midrange accommodation and also basic or budget accommodation. Camping can also be done when visiting Tanzania.

These accommodations also vary in price and in the high season or peak season, the prices tend to be high while in the low season the prices of the lodges are discounted. The rates for lodges can be per person or per room and also half board and full board basis. All these different factors influence the cost of accommodation during safaris in Tanzania.

Tour operators are also charged a different rate from walk in clients during stays in the lodges around Tanzania. The location of the lodges or tented camps also impacts on the costs incurred during a safari in a way that some lodges are found inside the parks and they tend to be more costly as compared to those found outside the parks.

Safari cost in Tanzania
Accommodation Costs in Tanzania

Transport costs during safaris in Tanzania

There are different ways to get to the destinations around Tanzania and they include driving, flight, ferry and also boat transfers.

Some destinations are easier to access by road during safaris around Tanzania while others are remote and can easily be accessed by flights. When driving to the different destinations around Tanzania, tourists can hire safari vehicles and move with a local guide or be transported by the tour operators who organize the safari packages around Tanzania safari parks.

Hiring a vehicle can cost around 180 USD to 200 USD per day during a safari around Tanzania inclusive of a guide and fuel.

When taking flights around the various destinations of Tanzania, there are various airline companies which offer daily flights such as scheduled and charter flights and these airlines include Regional Air, Flight link Tanzania, Coastal Aviation, Precision Air, among others.

Some destinations around Tanzania can be accessed by boat transfers which can be private boats or group boat transfers. Destinations in Tanzania like Zanzibar island can be accessed by ferry from Dar es Salaam which operates during different days of the week.

Park fee costs during safaris around Tanzania

During safaris around Tanzania, there are various destinations which are visited and they include national parks and wildlife reserves.

Park entrance fees are among the charges incurred when visiting the national parks around Tanzania and this fee varies for nonresidents, residents and East Africans/Tanzania citizens. Children are also charged a different park entrance fee from adults during safaris around Tanzania.

Safari cost in Tanzania
Serengeti Entrance

Other costs incurred during tours around Tanzania include concession fees and also camping fees. Concession fees are paid by tourists staying in the accommodations within or inside the national parks.

Apart from the costs mentioned above, there are other miscellaneous costs incurred when visiting Tanzania such as personal expenses, tips and gratuities among others.

Factors to consider when planning a safari in Tanzania

The costs incurred during a safari also depends on a number of factors and they include the type of safari, duration of the safari, the time of travel or season of travel, activities carried out during the safari and many others. It is important to consider these various factors when planning for the safaris and making a budget for the trip to Tanzania.

The duration of a safari greatly impacts on the cost of the safari in a way that safaris which are long cost more money as compared to short safaris around Tanzania.

The time of travel or season when a safari is done around Tanzania affects the cost of the safari in a way that safaris done in the high or peak season tend to cost more as compared to safaris done in the low season.

The activities which are carried out during a safari also affect the cost of a safari around Tanzania in a way that some activities may cost more than others such as hot air balloon safaris which are charged differently.

Safari destinations around Tanzania

Destinations around Tanzania where safaris are carried out include the northern safari circuit which has parks such as Serengeti national park, Ngorongoro crater, Lake Manyara national park, Tarangire national park and Arusha national park. Mount Kilimanjaro is another place to visit in this part of Tanzania.

Safaris in Tanzania are also carried out in the southern part of Tanzania which has safari destinations like Nyerere national park or Selous game reserve, Mikumi national park, Ruaha national park, Udzungwa mountains national park.

Safari cost in Tanzania
Hiking Mount Kilimanjaro

When visiting the western part of Tanzania, safari parks include Gombe stream national park and Mahale national park, Katavi national park, Rubondo island national park among others. This part of the country is good for primate safaris that involve activities like chimpanzee trekking which is done around Gombe stream national park and also in Mahale national park.

There are many other activities to do and places which can be visited during safaris around Tanzania and they include reserves, the famous Zanzibar island, hiking mountains around the country, taking walks in forests, interacting with different local tribes like the Maasai around Arusha among others.

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