Safari Tours to Mount Kilimanjaro

Safari Tours to Mount Kilimanjaro  : The safari tour to Mount Kilimanjaro can be costly according where you are coming from. There is no fixed prices for a safari tour to Mount Kilimanjaro because the prices depends on what services are you likely to get in the place. Normally, rooming and safari tours to Mount Kilimanjaro (inside the country) commences from seven hundred and fifty US dollars (750US Dollars) and can go as high as one thousand two hundred and fifty US dollars (1250 US Dollars). It should be noted that the stated price is just for a single person.

Mount Kilimanjaro can be easily visited in any season of the year through January and February are much preferred months for visitors to visit the place. This is the most favorable season for people to climb and hike Mount Kilimanjaro. January and February are said to be the warmest seasons that exposes visitors to the clear and sunny experiences in the sky all the day especially during morning and evenings.

Also, sometimes during these months, clouds may cover the sky during afternoon and the visitors may experience some rain.

The safari tour to Mount Kilimanjaro can be arranged on the bases of days, weeks or whatever since there are so many activities that visitors can experiences in the place. Some of the well-known activities are like hiking and trekking, climbing the mountain, riding and walking safaris. Also, game viewing is one of the best activities that are likely to be experienced when having a tour to the Mount Kilimanjaro.

Many people prefer to spend little expenses when deciding to visit Mount Kilimanjaro and climb it but when they conduct researches only to find that it is impossible to have a priceless tour to Mount Kilimanjaro. The costs are charged on different bases and visitors can decide on the amount to spend from the minimal amount which is 2000 US Dollars to the maximum amount which is 7 000 US Dollars per a single person.

Safari Tours to Mount Kilimanjaro
Hiking Mount Kilimanjaro

The costs for climbing Mount Kilimanjaro depend on some costs such as; group size, always when visitors are many the costs for them become low but when they are few they are likely to experience high costs. For instance, the climb with one or two people will experience highest costs as compared to the climb with dozen number of people onwards.

Also, the days that climbers will spend on their tours may affect the charges. Spending many days usually incurs a lot of additional costs such as staff wages, equipment for using, food stuffs, and park fees and so on. Thus spending many days’ means incurring a lot of costs and it’s vice versa.

The level of service that visitors are likely to spend also affects the costs. For Kilimanjaro Mountain, there are three costs ranges, the budget, midrange and the luxury. Among others, the level of cost is the main driver of costs disparities in the process of climbing the mountain.

There are various climbing costs when climbing mount Kilimanjaro such as conservation fee that costs 70US Dollars per day per a single person, the camping or hut fee which cost about $50 to $60 per night per person, rescue fee which is about $20 per trip per person, guide and porter entrance fees almost about $2 per a trip per person and wages, food and transportation costs which also depend on the group size, route and on the food preference of an individual person. A part from those costs there is also the value added tax which is almost about 18% of the total services.

Getting to the Mount Kilimanjaro is by using the Kilimanjaro International Airport which is situated on the south-west of the Kilimanjaro Mountain. From there, there are various flights that are flying to the Kilimanjaro airport. Also, land transport can be possible especially from Kilimanjaro International Airport.

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