How Safe is Mount Kilimanjaro

Safety: How Safe is Hiking Mount Kilimanjaro?

Safety How Safe is Hiking Mount Kilimanjaro

Safety How Safe is Hiking Mount Kilimanjaro?: How Safe is Hiking Mount Kilimanjaro : Hiking any mountain is not an easy task. It involves a lot of risks both physical and medical. Kilimanjaro is not special place it has its risks and dangers but the difference is how they are managed. This being the tallest mountain in Africa, there are a lot of precautions that have been taken to make it a safe place.

Security wise Tanzania has been the most peaceful country in the region since independence in 1961. There have been not security problems and so has been Kilimanjaro.

Never the less, you will have two guides and one will be armed just in case anything happens but there has not been an attack recorded or any form of security breach.

Kilimanjaro is a volcanic mountain but it is a dormant in this case. It last major eruption happened over 150,000 years ago and there has not been any sign of vulcanicity recorded of recent.

This mountain is closely monitored by researchers and so they would notify people just in case something comes up. A volcanic eruption will take time and will not happen overnight and so you have nothing to worry about this.

Regarding the terrain, there have been organized routes to suite the hikers and the needs. The routes are well built and this will ease your hike. You will have few challenges and chances of slipping are few.

You have porters with you and they can always help you out with such: in all you will have a cook, guide and porters so, you have a big company of people and you will feel safe. All in the best safe precaution here is that you are not allowed to take this hike without a guide since they have all the information about this mountain. Kilimanjaro is safe!

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