Selous Game Drive

Selous game drive. A game drive in Selous Game Reserve is one of the most rewarding safari activities in Tanzania that travelers can enjoy while on a Tanzania safari tour. Selous Game Reserve now known as Nyerere National Park, is the largest protected Tanzania national park area, and the largest protected area in Africa as a whole. Selous Game Reserve covers 54,600 square kilometers of space all open to travelers to enjoy various activities in Selous Game Reserve, including the magnificent and secluded Selous game drives.

Selous Game Reserve now referred to as Nyerere National Park is located in the southern safari circuit of Tanzania, and is indeed one of the most sought after and visited Tanzania national parks. Selous Game Reserve is also one of the oldest protected areas established in 1922, and is a UNESCO world heritage site since 1982. With the vast expanse of the Selous Game Reserve, a game drive in Selous Game Reserve rewards travelers with an out-of-this-world safari experience especially with a Selous game drive, among other activities in Selous Game Reserve Tanzania.

Selous Game Drive
Selous Game Drive

A Selous game drive is one of the best and common ways that travelers do opt for to explore this beautiful Tanzania safari park. For classic and secluded game viewing experiences, the Selous Game Reserve is your best pick for you shall literally have this vast expanse to yourself. A Selous game drive has you exploring the now Nyerere National Park while on a 4×4 safari vehicle, either open-ended or closed sided safari vehicles. Selous Game Reserve is rich in topography, mountain landscapes, endless open savanna plains, beautiful lakes and rivers and dense forest trails leading to some of the most amazing wild game viewing areas.

When can you do a Selous game drive? A Selous game drive can be done all throughout the day, and definitely all throughout the year. A Selous game drive can be done from early morning which by far is the best time to do game drives in Selous Game Reserve as the animals aren’t hiding away from the hot sun; an evening game drive in Selous is also very rewarding. You can have a morning game drive, evening game drives or full day game drives where you get to spend the whole time in the park having taken your packed lunch with you which you can enjoy over a picnic thus giving you enough time to explore the park and seeing so much more.

While on a full day game drive in Selous Game Reserve, your driver guide would pick out a beautiful scenic area weather permitting, to say springs where you would enjoy your picnic lunch whilst dipping your feet in the cool waters of the springs.

Apart from a Selous game drive, there are a number of other activities in Selous Game Reserve that travelers can enjoy. Other activities in Selous Game Reserve include bird watching, walking safari, boat safari, sport fishing, cultural tours which all make your Selous wildlife safari in Tanzania all the more memorable.

Bird Watching

 Bird watching in Selous Game Reserve is very rewarding that travelers get to spot well over 440 bird species which are in the park. Some of the birds in Selous Game Reserve that travelers can spot while on a bird watching experience in the reserve include the African Skimmers, Brown-breasted Barbet, White Helmet Shrikes, Boehm’s Bee-eater among so many others. For bird watching in Selous Game Reserve, the best time to visit is from November through May when there are migratory birds in the area as well.

Walking Safaris

A guided walking safari in Selous Game Reserve is one of the best ways to come up-close with nature and wild game in the reserve, and by far one of the most sought after things to do in Selous Game Reserve. Guided walking safaris have travelers on foot in the typical African wilderness, following animal tracks, in groups of up to 6 persons and in the company of a guide and rangers very familiar with the reserve. Walking safaris in Selous Game Reserve or Nyerere National Park take about 2-3 hours, giving you enough time to come up-close with wildlife like giraffes, wildebeests, zebras, elephants, and so much more. Take in all the beautiful scenery of the landscape of the reserve.

Boat Safaris

Boat safaris is another of the not-so common things to do in Tanzania wildlife safari parks, that travelers can enjoy while on a safari in Selous game Reserve. A boat safari in Selous Game Reserve can be done on River Rufiji with scenic views, Lake Tagalala, Lake Mzizimia, Lake Siwandu, Lake Manze and Lake Nzelekela; all rewarding travelers not only with scenic views but also various aquatic wildlife like hippos. Watch giant African elephants leisurely strolling at the river banks, or other animals taking a dip or drink from the fresh waters.

Selous Game Drive
Boat Cruise in Selous

Sport Fishing

Another of the things to do in Selous Game Reserve is sport fishing, which can be done in the different lakes and rivers of Selous game Reserve like River Rufiji. Some of the fish common here include the Rufiji Tilapia, Cat fish, among so many others like tiger fish. Catch and release is often practiced, but travelers can be permitted to enjoy their catch if up for it.

Cultural Tours

Cultural tours in Selous Game Reserve take you to appreciate some of the tribes in the vicinity of the reserve say to the Mloka village found just down the Selous River. You get an opportunity to learn and interact with the locals, giving you an insight of the way of life of the locals.

Selous Game Reserve, now Nyerere National Park, is one beautiful Tanzania safari park that travelers after exclusive safari adventures can opt for staying free of the crowds in northern Tanzania especially in the Serengeti National Park, Ngorongoro Crater Tanzania, and Tarangire National Park. Selous Game Reserve is nearest to the Zanzibar Island, and thus a great safari destination for travelers after combining classic game drives in Tanzania with a beach holiday. Combine a Selous Game Safari with a Zanzibar Beach Holiday for your perfect honeymoon holiday, or simply vacation enjoying various activities like the Selous game drive, and staying in some of the most exotic and exclusive Tanzania safari camps and lodges. Reach out to Focus East Africa Tours and be rewarded with a customized safari plan.

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