Success rate of reaching the Kilimanjaro Summit

Success Rate of Reaching the Kilimanjaro Summit

Success Rate of Reaching the Kilimanjaro Summit

Success Rate of Reaching the Kilimanjaro Summit : Kilimanjaro is a lifetime experience for many. It requires big investment and sacrifice. This is why everyone would love to know their chances of reaching the summit since this is just not like any mountain but the tallest in Africa.

There are contradictions usually in most tour operator in declaring the success rate to reach the summit as they think of inducing more people into hiking the mountain but also thinking about the risks they put the hikers through.

Success Rate of Reaching the Kilimanjaro Summit

For most of the tour operators and more so us at Achieve global safaris, we look at the latter, the risks that a hiker will go through and therefore we have to tell you such that the decision is yours despite the fact that we need the money.

There are no official success climb rates that are up to date. The available one provided by the park are old and out dated and therefore most companies look at the data of their own clients.

You may not know which is the best operator to have the high success climb safaris but we for sure can tell you the factors to give you the energy to reach the summit which is slow ascending.

When you spend a long time on the mountain or the longer the number of days you have for your hike the higher the chances of reaching the summit because you will have longer time to adapt to the altitude and its problems.

The choice of the route is also important, at Achieve Global safaris, we recommend that you hike high but sleep in the lower sections of the area to give you an opportunity to adapt to the altitude.

Below are some of the figures indicating the success rate looking at how many days you spend on the mountain? These figures are old and not so accurate but they can give you a picture.

  • 5 day routes 28%
  • 6 day routes 43%
  • 7 days routes 66%
  • 8 day routes 84%

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