Tanzania Game Reserves

Tanzania Game Reserves  : Tanzania is among the best places in Africa to see wildlife, and a safari is one of the continent’s greatest wildlife experiences. Tanzania Safari offers a large selection of Tanzania National Parks and Tanzania Game Reserves, all tailored to suit different interests and travel preferences, with 38% of its land set aside as protected wildlife areas. As a travel destination, Tanzania is currently able to maintain thirty-two (32) game reserves.

A particular kind of wildlife-protected area designated for conservation is called a game reserve. Wildlife utilization, both consumptive and non-consumptive, is permitted upon obtaining a permit from the TAWA Director. Human activity is prohibited unless authorised by the TAWA Director.

German Governor Hermann von Wissmann established the Selous Game Reserve as a protected area in 1896, and in 1905 it was converted into a hunting reserve. Due to the variety of its wildlife and its natural environment, this is Tanzania’s first game reserve and was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1982. The largest game reserve in Africa is the Selous Game Reserve, which spans more than 50,000 square kilometres.

Other Famous And Attracting Tanzania Game Reserves Include;

The following game reserves are available:

Gurumet, Maswa, Rungwa, Moyowosi, Kigosi , Muhesi Game Reserve, Kizigo Game Reserve, Rumanyika Game Reserve, Biharamulo Game Reserve, Ibanda Game Reserve, Usangu Game Reserve, Lukwati Game Reserve, Rukwa Game Reserve, Burigi Game Reserve, Luhira Game Reserve, Ikorongo Game Reserve, Uwanda Game Reserve, Mkungunero Game Reserve, Kijereshi Game Reserve, Pande Game Reserve.

Brief Guide About Tanzania Game Reserves:

Grumeti, Ikorongo, Maswa Game Reserve, and Selous (the northern blocks) are significant game reserves that are accessible to non-hunters. These easily accessible reserves provide amazing opportunities to observe wildlife and can be conveniently combined with park visits.

Other Important Protected Areas Accessible To Non-Hunters Mwiba Wildlife Reserve, Loliondo GCA, Makao GCA, Manyara Ranch Conservancy, Longido GCA (Sinya), Ndarakwai Conservancy, Lolkisale GCA, Burunge WMA and Lake Natron GCA.

Tanzania Game Reserves
Rumanyika national reserve

All of these areas are accessible by flights or by road which is why they have become important safari destinations.

Game Reserves Almosare t Exclusively Used For Tourist Hunting Ugalla, Kizigo, Muhesi, Moyowosi / Kigosi, Rungwa, Rukwa, Rumanyika, Ibanda, Burigi, Luafi, Usangu, Lukwati, Lukwika and Lumesule. These areas are remote and very difficult to reach unless you want to charter a private aircraft there and back.

Getting access to the road, especially through bad roads, can take several days.

You probably won’t visit any of the locations on the list right above unless you’re on a hunting safari (yes, Tanzania permits this!), though it is possible. Compared to National Parks, hunting areas typically have fewer animals per square mile, but they all offer authentic wilderness that is well away from the beaten path.

Low Animal Density Has Two Main Causes

First of all, these regions were never considered national parks because they lacked a significant wildlife density.

Second, because of their vast size and isolation, these are remote areas that are difficult to defend. The meagre resources available to patrol them don’t. Poachers frequently work in these areas year-round with relative ease. This is particularly true from January 1 through June 30, which is when the hunting season closes.

Discovering which parks and reserves are the most appropriate for you is essential before embarking on your opulent Tanzania safari tours.

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