The Majestic View of Africa’s Highest Mountain

The Majestic View of Africa’s Highest Mountain  : The most spectacular view of the highest mountain in Africa and Tanzania is not just that it’s the highest single free-standing mountain above sea level in the world. Hike Kilimanjaro mountain and have the most memorable and yet the best moments ever. Step into the highest land in Africa and have the whole view of the continent under your feet. Kilimanjaro Mountain is located in the northern part of Tanzania and has a height of 5,895 meters. There is the most rewarding view of nature, animals, the vegetation, and finally, the most glowing part is the snow at the cap of Kilimanjaro Mountain. Kilimanjaro Mountain is a dormant volcanic mountain that has 3 volcanic cones Kibo, Mawenzi, and Shira. This mountain is formed due to the volcanic eruption and then the piles upon the surface of the earth.

The Kilimanjaro summit is found in the cone of Kibo which is the highest point of this giant mountain of Africa. The other peaks are Mawenzi with a height of 5,149 meters and Shira with 3,962 meters. The Shira come is not considered the peak anymore because it collapsed.

The Majestic View of Africa's Highest Mountain
Kilimanjaro Summit

 Be among the few people who make it up to the Peak of Kilimanjaro Mountain. Almost half of the people who attempt to climb Kilimanjaro Mountain are considered the easiest mountain to climb but yet most of the people fail to make it to the summit. Approximately 30,000 people are climbing this mountain each year and yet only 50% of this number make it to the summit. The main reason that many people fail to make it to the summit is because of altitude sickness, making the wrong choice of the route as well as many people are not well prepared to climb and even some are first-time backpackers.

The perfect views while trekking the Kilimanjaro Mountain.

The view from Shira camps, these camps are the western part of the mountain, it’s the point where you will have the most refreshing view of the forest that you have just left below and for the first time you will feel like you’re above the forest. You will also glace at the snow and the Uhuru peak from the distance, this perfect view will give you the hope and urge to climb even more to reach the Uhuru peak.

 The most rewarding view of the Uhuru peak is attained during the evening when there are uninterrupted views of the snow at the peak. The most spectacular view of the sunset behind the Shira peak will leave you speechless. These perfect views can be attained while trekking through the Shira route as well as through the Lemosho Route.

The saddle is the five miles long plateau that is connecting the highest peak that is the Kibo and its neighbor the Mawenzi peak. This view is attained while ascending through the Coca-Cola route, it’s the point where there is a breathtaking view of the Mawenzi view from the west and the Kibo peak from the Western side. The feeling of being between the two highest peaks and viewing them from each of their side should not be missed. Have the most amazing pictures from both sides and have the best memory of each mountain.

Karanga camp, feel the clouds with your hands at this point of Mount Kilimanjaro they feel so close that they are about just several arms’ lengths away. At this point in this evening, you will have a clear view of Mount Meru which is famously known as the little sister of Kilimanjaro Mountain. Mount Meru is the second highest mountain in Tanzania.

Barafu camp, the early morning majestic view of the Mawenzi peak will give you the signal that the peak is near. Capture the most amazing picture of the Mawenzi peak at the perfect sunrise. These most amazing views will power you up and give you the energy to climb harder to reach the summit. The views will not disappoint you at all and will inspire you to want more views as at each point there is a beautiful unique view, The Majestic View of Africa’s Highest Mountain.

The Uhuru peakonce the summit sign is viewed from the distance that’s when you have mixed feelings of joy, pride, and feeling like a hero as well as pain all come through you at once, at this point is where you feel like you’re almost there and you will never want to back down. That when you realize the summit is near, when you reach the end of the hiking enjoy the most spectacular and dazzling beauty that will surround you, the snow as well as the view of the things that are below you, will surely give you the best memory ever.


The routes to the peak of Kilimanjaro Mountain.

The Marangu route

This route is the easiest route of all and has gradually slopes on hiking the mount, the minimum number of days for hiking is 5 -7 days to summit. It’s the route with traffic since most people prefer it since it is simple so it’s more populated than any other route. The route has the least scenery and is favored only during the rainy seasons as it offers the great shelter of huts other than the over wet grounds. It’s the only route that uses one path when going up and coming down hence highly crowded. It’s the cheapest route as it doesn’t need camping equipment. It’s the route with the least success to the summit.

The Majestic View of Africa's Highest Mountain
Marangu Route

The Machame route

The route is the most strenuous with a lot of highs and lows, sessions of valleys and ridges along the way but with spectacular sceneries, since it has a lot of habitats along the way, coffee farms and large banana trees are what you will meet along the way. It’s less cheap than the Marangu route, and also difficult to hike.

Lemosho route

It’s the route that takes along the west of mount Kilimanjaro, and it’s the through the forest, it’s the route that you will have to explore a lot of plant species and animals, along the journey one is sure to meet the monkeys, plenty of birds and the giant camphorwood trees. It takes 8 days to the summit through this route.

Rongai route

It’s the only route on the northern part of the mountain; it’s along the northern slopes that tend towards being drier and hence have less scenery but can offer a clear view of Kilimanjaro. It also offers true wildness experiences in the early stages and there is the possibility of seeing wild animals such as antelopes, buffalos, and elephants. It takes 7 days to the summit using this route, The Majestic View of Africa’s Highest Mountain.

Shira route

This route is highly characterized by having a high altitude at the start hence its chances of success become a bit low, one will experience the serious altitude on just the first day of hiking. This route has less traffic but it’s an expensive route.

The Majestic View of Africa's Highest Mountain
Shira Route

 The Umbwe route

The Umbwe route joins the Machame route on the Barraco camp, on the second night. It’s the direct steep and very tough route as it is a steeper route. It’s the most demanding route as the first and second days are steep and up hills all the way. The route is well exposed and hence cannot be suitable for people who are scared of heights. The route is not recommended unless one has a good experience with mountain climbing.

Northern circuit

This is the newest route that is found on the north part of the mountain and it’s characterized by the best acclimatization and an impressive view of Kilimanjaro. The route is less crowded for the people who enjoy the long trekking and true wilderness experiences. It takes at least 8 days to reach the summit, The Majestic View of Africa’s Highest Mountain.

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