Things  to know before climbing Kilimanjaro Mountain

Things  to know before climbing Kilimanjaro Mountain : Most people think Kilimanjaro Mountain is the easiest one to hike among the 7th summits, and yet only half of the people who hike make it through the peak. There are about 30,000 people hiking the Kilimanjaro Mountain and only 50% of them makes up to the peak. Amongst all the seven summits of Mount Kilimanjaro, the fourth summit is considered as the simplest by the athletes and the walkers. This is probably because it goes through from the grasslands, tropical rain forest, desert uplands and finally to the ice and snows at the summit.

The Kilimanjaro Mountain is the world’s tallest free standing mountain, as well as the tallest mountain in Africa with the height of 5,895 Meters, located on the North- East part of Tanzania in the Kilimanjaro region. It’s one of the perfect places for the people who love adventures, the mountain climbers as well as anyone who wishes to try hiking up this pride of Africa. The Kilimanjaro Mountain on its lowest point is surrounded by the Kilimanjaro forest which is the home of different wildlife as well as the home of birds. As the landscape changes slowly all the way until the highest peak of this mountain.

Things  to know before climbing Kilimanjaro Mountain
Mount Kilimanjaro

While on the lowest point of this mountain, you can enjoy the sight of the wild animals such as the monkeys that makes the large percentage of the Kilimanjaro forest, the giraffes as well as the elephants can also be seen. There are also about 750 different bird species that are found in this forest, alongside different plant species. You will get to enjoy both hiking as well as watching different wild animals in just a single package, Things  to know before climbing Kilimanjaro Mountain

Things to know before hiking the Kilimanjaro Mountain

One of the most important thing to know is that you have made the right decision of hiking the Kilimanjaro Mountain. This adventure will not disappoint you as you will have the most amazing time of hiking the most rewarding views will leave you breathless, the experience itself is one of the kinds that you will never forget and above all the feeling of accomplishment, and success when you reach at the highest peak of Africa the Uhuru peak.

The following are the things that you must know before hiking the Kilimanjaro Mountain.

  • The Kilimanjaro Mountain does not require any technical skills while hiking it, you just have to walk up mountain. You have to walk up the mountain until you reach the peak, literally anyone can go up the mountain. The youngest person to hike this mountain up to the peak is 6 years old while the oldest is 89 years old; anyone doesn’t matter their age, the experienced, and even the completely newbie’s stand the chance of reaching at the peak.
  • You need to have the warm clothes that will keep you warm all the time while hiking. The mountain is located at the equator but it doesn’t mean that it’s hot! The moment you start walking up the mountain it starts to get cold hence it’s very necessary to have the things that will keep you warm throughout the hiking. During the day it might be a little hot especially when the sun is out. As the sun goes deeper the colder it becomes. It’s normal for the temperature to be of zero degrees at some points at the mountain, Things  to know before climbing Kilimanjaro Mountain.
  • There are real foods while climbing the Kilimanjaro Mountain, which includes the vegetables, fruits, meat, eggs, and grains as well s snacks. On the part of the food it should be least of your worries. There chefs and helpers that prepare your meals in the kitchen tents, the proper meals are really necessary to complete the hiking successful. There is always fresh and plenty food for everyone at while hiking, the crew carries enough food to accommodate everyone in several days.
  • The main reason for most of the people not to reach at the peak is due to the altitude sickness. This disease is known as the acute mountain sickness, you must expect to have this disease while hiking the Kilimanjaro Mountain as your body will be adjusting to the lower oxygen level at the acclimatization. For some people adjusting to this level of altitude is normally fast while for some of the people it becomes pretty bad. The team that you will hike with conducts the healthy checks twice a day to ensure that everyone health is safe. And if there are risks that one is not adapting too well and it becomes too dangerous, the person is escorted down the mountain.
  • There are toilets to use while hiking the Kilimanjaro Mountain. In every campsite there are long toilets, there are also private toilet tents that each one can use. There is also water to flash, if it happens while stilling hiking you can help yourself behind the bush. This is the common question that most of people ask.
  • While hiking the Kilimanjaro Mountain there is neither internet nor WIFI, it’s the trip to the wildness; and it’s exactly the time to take a break from the internet, and from the world per ser. It’s the perfect time to be away from the world, there is no electricity to charge your camera or smart phone. It’s the right time to reconnect with the nature, take time off from the busy schedules and away from the cities. It’s the perfect time to admire the nature, Things  to know before climbing Kilimanjaro Mountain
Things  to know before climbing Kilimanjaro Mountain
Uhuru Peak
  • The longer days you take for hiking the high chances for succeeding and reaching at the Uhuru peak. The people who hike between 7-9 days have the high chances of reaching at the peak, there are people who try to make it for even 5 day and most of them fail. The longer the number of days the higher the expenses becomes too. It’s best to have a big budget which can accommodate you to even 8 days so that you will be able to reach at the summit. When you take more days to hike, you give your body more time to adjust to the altitude which it becomes easier to finish and hence you will be hiking slowly, it becomes less tiresome and gives your body time to adjust to the altitude.
  • There are different routes towards the Peak, it’s important to research about different routes, because they differ in terms of number of days to reach to the peak, the cost as well as the cost inquired.

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