Tips For Hiking Mount Meru 2024

Tips For Hiking Mount Meru 2024 : The Arusha National Park is graced by the towering presence of Mount Meru which is the 5th mountain in Africa. Mount Meru dominates the panorama with its snow-capped top. This mountain is a dormant volcano which is usually referred to as a hiker’s paradise. This is because it offers treks that vary from easy to hard during Tanzania Safari.

When is the best season to visit Mount Meru?

The best seasons to visit mount Meru can be during rainfall seasons such as from June, to February. A small amounts of rainfall is also expected to be received from November to late December. During this season, the mountain provides a best visual impression as it is endowed with a greenish attractive color which acts as an attractive feature to any respective visitor.

Also, it is during this season (specifically during December and sometimes February) one can be able to see the best geographical view of Kilimanjaro Mountain can be seen from mount Meru.

What is the height of Mount Meru?

The main mount Meru peak takes a total number of 3,820 meters to climb to the top while the other peak of the mountain takes a total number of 4,562 meters to climb to the peak of the mountain. Speaking of the size, Mount Meru covers a total area of 137 square meters and it is 35 km far from the northern tourist city of Arusha and the Kilimanjaro International Airport (KIA). A part from having the common peak, mount Meru can be also divided in some three peaks whereby every peak has its number of meters where visitors are supposed to climb to reach the peak of the mountain. As it has been written earlier that mount Meru is found in Arusha city, it cannot be explained and explored solely without involving the great tourist city of Arusha. Mount Meru is under the Arusha conservation authority

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Hiking Mount Meru

For the natives and indigenous of the area, the peak of the mountain can be seen in a normal way that they have been exposed to. However, there is one unique feature of the mountain that is not clearly known to most of people especially the indigenous and natives of the place. As it is to Kilimanjaro Mountain, mount Meru is also having two peaks as well which can be categorized as the big Meru and the small Meru. The big Meru consists of 4,562.13 meters climbing to the peak of the mountain while the small Meru consist of 3,820 meters climbing to the peak of the mountain. The peak of big Meru is the most renowned peak since everyone can see it and it is the one which mostly covered in the tourists maps which is commonly seen to most of them when they are in Arusha region and other bordering regions such as Manyara and Kilimanjaro.

In the other hand, the small Meru (small peak of the mountain) is clearly seen when people or visitors are inside the conservation area. It can provide the best visual impression only to visitors who are near the mountain; that is to say those who are visiting the place. Also, for visitors who need to climb to the big Meru (big peak) they need to be permitted by the Tanzania National Parks (TANAPA) authority that is in Arusha since the peak is consisting some volcanic eruptions. So, being permitted ensures visitor’s safety from the authority which can be worth important protecting them from any tragic scene in the peak of the mountain.

Climbing mount Meru takes 3 to 4 days which is two to three less days as compared to the journey of climbing Kilimanjaro Mountain which normally takes five to six days to climb to its peak. This is to say, mount Meru is considered as the place for warming up for those visitors who wishes to visit highest mountains like Mount Kilimanjaro which is the highest mountain in Africa. Due to its features, mount Meru is also considered sarcastically as the young brother of Kilimanjaro Mountain. One of the interesting experiences about mount Meru is that when climbing it requires some technical skills which are more important than climbing the routes of Kilimanjaro Mountain. This is because mount Meru lacks something in its height as compared to Mount Kilimanjaro and this is what makes the difficultness in climbing it as compared to Mount Kilimanjaro.

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