Top 7 Movies And Documentaries To Watch That Will Inspire You To Climb Kilimanjaro

Top 7 Movies And Documentaries To Watch That Will Inspire You To Climb Kilimanjaro : 7 inspiring documentaries and movies to watch before climbing Mount Kilimanjaro: Maybe you’re contemplating climbing one of the most famous mountains in the world, or maybe your bags are already packed and you’re just waiting to set out on your Kilimanjaro adventure. Whatever the situation, we all require some sort of mood booster or source of motivation. Is it not?

You should watch the documentaries of Mount Kilimanjaro if you’re an aspirant mountaineer who fantasizes of climbing it. Many people have this famous peak on their bucket list to climb. It is important to prepare physically and to increase strength and endurance, but these motivating tales may help you have a good Kilimanjaro hiking trip. Here are 7 movies about Kilimanjaro that will have you raring to get going when the credits appear:

  1. BEYOND LIMITS (2011)

In this film, Bonner Paddock’s quest as he attempts to scale the world’s biggest free-standing mountain is chronicled. He lacks climbing experience and has only completed a brief period of training. He disobeys his doctor’s suggestion to climb Kilimanjaro despite having cerebral palsy and leaves on a journey in the hopes of defying his ailment and earning money for charity at the same time. In order to test human limitations and defy physical and mental constraints, Bonner and his crew must overcome various challenges over the course of eight days in constantly shifting settings.


This is a fantastic option for people who have recently reached the top of Kilimanjaro as well as those who are considering doing so. Several would-be climbers claim to have been encouraged by it to take the risk and set out on the long journey over perilous paths. The story follows a party of hikers as they contend with challenging terrain and constantly shifting weather conditions in their pursuit of the summit. It is best viewed on a huge screen or at an IMAX theater. It chronicles the adventure of the human soul on their voyage of bravery and endurance as they struggle through five temperature zones and is shot utilizing the most emotive motion picture format.


If you’re in the mood for a classic, check out this Technicolor masterpiece, which tells the tale of disillusioned author Harry Street, who suffers serious injuries during a hunting accident in Africa. He reflects on himself and remembers his real love, Cynthia Green, whom he lost while traveling the world in quest of tales for his novel. His lack of mobility causes him to reflect on himself. Helene, his wife, administers to his wounds while he rants in his desperate state. He discovers his desire for life as a result of her dedication to him.

Top 7 Movies And Documentaries To Watch That Will Inspire You To Climb Kilimanjaro
The Snows of Kilimanjaro

The award-winning film Carpe Kilimanjaro was released in 2016. In the face of his own father’s Alzheimer’s diagnosis, the movie depicts the tale of one man’s ascent of a mountain and his metaphorical ascent to fatherhood. Crape Kilimanjaro is a true account of an Alzheimer’s sufferer who lost his or her memory and other critical mental abilities. The narrative focuses entirely on love, courage, and hope. Before climbing Kilimanjaro, we strongly advise viewing Crater Kilimanjaro to increase your positive outlook.

  1. KILIMANJARO (2013)

The film, which was written and directed by Walter Strafford, debuted on August 12, 2013. This 80-minute film chronicles the extraordinary adventure of a guy who, following a bad relationship, resolves to climb Kilimanjaro.

The article describes how Doug Collins, a 30-year-old guy who was dissatisfied with both his love life and career, broke up with his girlfriend one day. He then encountered his elderly grandfather, who was fighting for his life. The man made a commitment to live each day to the fullest after realizing how frail he was.

The climber then makes the decision to climb Kilimanjaro and begins his physical preparation. He meets Yvonne, an outgoing athlete who assists him in getting ready for his training. Before climbing Kilimanjaro, don’t miss this movie; get inspired and upbeat feelings from it.


The tale of Angie Everhart’s journey to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest peak, is told in the film Conquering Kilimanjaro with Angie Everheart. Supermodel and environmentalist Angie made the decision to travel to view the melting glaciers before they vanished completely. She set out on her expedition with a group of mountaineering porters and guides. She arrived at the breathtaking earthly scene after 7 days. Catch a peek at her journey, battle with AMS, and willpower conflict, Top 7 Movies And Documentaries To Watch That Will Inspire You


Hugh Thomson is the man behind the renowned documentary Nova: Volcano above the Clouds: Kilimanjaro, Africa’s Tallest Mountain. You shouldn’t miss this 60-minute documentary film if you have plans to climb Mount Kilimanjaro. You may get a good perspective of Mount Kilimanjaro, its true view, weather, and melting glaciers by climbing to the mountain’s summit in just 60 minutes from the foothills.

The highest mountain in Africa, Kilimanjaro, is a mountaineer’s paradise. As one of the leading trekking companies, Focus East Africa Tours tries to gather as much knowledge as we can to aid our prospective trekkers. The movies mentioned above will help increase your passion if you plan to climb Mount Kilimanjaro. Take in these fantastic movies and set the scene for a journey that will undoubtedly influence your own Kilimanjaro expedition.

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