7 Days Shira Route Trekking safari

7 Days Shira Route Trekking safari

7 Days Shira Route Trekking safari

7 Days Shira Route Trekking safari approaches the mountain on the Western side. This is one of the scenic routes that pass through remote villages and plantations. 7 Days Shira Route Trekking safari is among the routes where one can see wildlife while trekking.

Day 1 Moshi to Shira Gate to Simba Camp (11,000ft to 11,800 ft)

Start our 7 Days Shira Route Trekking safari early in the morning departing Moshi after your cup of coffee. Drive to the Londrossi gate whereby the drive that takes around 4 hours but is a very interesting drive. Register at the Kilimanjaro National Park gate before we start our hike of the day that takes more than 2-3 hours for us to reach our Simba camp where we will have dinner and overnight.

7 Days Shira Route Trekking safari

Day 2 Simba Camp to Shira 2 Camp (11,800ft to 12,500 ft)

Day 2 pf 7 Days Shira Route Trekking safari is a fair day which helps us to acclimatize. Start the day hike with explore of the grassy moorland at the plateau zone. After we continue with our scenic trek to Shira Cathedral found under a huge buttress of rocks that is surrounded by the steep pinnacles and spires. We reach late into our next camp called Shira 2 camp where we will set up our tents.  

Day 3 Shira 2 Camp to Barranco Camp (12,500 ft to 13,044 ft)

On this day our trek will continue to the East up to the ridge and later diverse to the Southeast towards the famous Lava Tower. After we descend down to the Barranco Camp passing through great strange Senecio Forest found at an altitude of 13,000 ft. We have a rest at our campsite as we are served with hot tea and later dinner and overnight. 

Day 4 Barranco camp to Karanga Camp (13,044 ft to 13,106 ft)

Begin day 4 of our 7 Days Shira Route Trekking safari with heavy African breakfast before we head to the ravine as we get to the base of the great Barranco wall. Though the trek is steep but not very technical, we cross valleys and hills till we reach down to the Karanga valley. We hike up higher a bit to reach to our Karanga camp where we will base on for the dayas we continue with acclimatization process.

Day 5 Karanga Camp to Barafu Camp (13,106 ft to 15,331 ft )

Depart Karanga camp for Barafu camp, we trek to the junction that connects to the Mweka trail but we diverse to the section that heads to Barafu Hut. In this area now we fill done with the Southern circuit ad we head more to the North observing clearly the Uhuru peak at this point. We will have an early rest as we prepare for the peak day. We can relax viewing Kibo and Mawenzi peaks while at our camp site.

Day 6 Barafu Camp to Uhuru Peak to Mweka Camp (15,331 ft to 19,341 ft to 10,065 ft)

The climax of 7 Days Shira Route Trekking safari is today, starting the trek at around midnight we have light hot water and biscuits as an energizer. We trek higher to the summit through Stella Point where we will have a brief break. We will reach the peak at around 6 am after 6 hours of trekking. Jubilate at the peak before we descend down to Barafu camp for our lunch and continue to Mweka Camp.

Day 7 Mweka camp to Mweka gate to Moshi (10,065 ft to 5,380)

Enjoy our last bush breakfast at the camp before we trek down to the Mweka Gate where we receive our certificates. Drive to Moshi after receiving our golden certificates for more jubilation at the hotel.

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