Location of kilimanjaro national park

Location of kilimanjaro national park

Location of kilimanjaro national park: Mount Kilimanjaro is located in the Kilimanjaro region of Tanzania, northeast and next to the Kenya – Tanzania border. The park is not so far away from Moshi, one of the common cities in Tanzania and falls approximately 200 miles south of the Equator. Please see dynamic map with location below;

How to get there

Apparently there are multiple ways you can get to Kilimanjaro and the best is flying direct to Kilimanjaro International Airport (code JRO). Other ways include road transfers from Arusha, Nairobi or any other nearby towns using private safari vehicles or buses and use of chartered flights to and from.


Flights are definitely the best way to access Mount Kilimanjaro National Park and to make it much simpler, there is an international airport around the Kilimanjaro area. However, not all airline companies offer direct flights to Kilimanjaro Airport and some of the few that do include;

KLM (From Amsterdam)
Condor (From Frankfurt)
Turkish Airlines (From Istanbul)
Kenya Airways (From Nairobi)
Precision Air (From Nairobi)
Qatar Airlines (From Doha)
Ethiopian Airlines (From Addis Adaba)
RwandAir (From Kigali)

If you reside in any of the locations above then you will enjoy direct flights to Kilimanjaro else you will have to board at least two connecting flights. If you choose to land on any nearby airport then you can alternatively take domestic flights to the airport. The airlines below offer domestic flights to Kilimanjaro;

Precision Air
Zan Air
Regional Air
Air Excel
Coastal Aviation

Shuttle Buses

It is also possible to arrange private shuttle buses to Moshi or Arusha straight from Nairobi. The bus leaves from Nairobi’s Parkside Hotel but some safari operators arrange privately to pick up clients from hotels around the city and transfer them to the bus. We can help arrange this for you as well. Please see schedule below (schedule can be changed);

Routing Schedule Departing Arriving
Nairobi to Arusha Daily 08:00 14:00
Nairobi to Arusha Daily 14:00 18:30
Nairobi to Moshi Daily 08:00 15:30
Moshi to Nairobi Daily 06:00 14:00
Arusha to Nairobi Daily 08:00 14:00
Moshi to Nairobi Daily 10:30 18:30
Arusha to Nairobi Daily 14:00 18:30

Private Means

If the means above have failed to work for you then you can choose to use private means. So many private buses travel to Tanzania each day and you can easily get one that will connect you to Arusha or Moshi at very affordable prices.