Map of Kilimanjaro

Below are the two maps of Mount Kilimanjaro National Park. The dynamic map shows the exact location of the national park in Tanzania where as the static map shows Mount Kilimanjaro along with its elevation and various climbing routes.

Static Map

Map of Kilimanajaro
Photo Credit: Daigle Tours

Dynamic Map

If you are thinking of climbing the mountain the the static map has all the information you need. Besides the routes, it shows the exact starting points of each route, camping places, the various Kilimanjaro peaks, routes for 4×4 safari cars, caves, huts and so much more. From here you can easily see how you are going to ascend and descend the mountain and of course also know the shorter routes.

The dynamic map will however help you plan your safari well as it even shows the neighboring towns, road network, driving hours and a lot more vital information. As you may see, Mount Kilimanjaro National Park is right at the border of Kenya and is much closer to Arusha National Park in Tanzania and Tsavo West National Park in Kenya.